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Aapex Driving School

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save $15 on Aapex’s Beginner Driver Education Program. All program graduates get one year of CAA FREE! Yes, I’m a CAA Check Course Dates. No, I’m not a CAA Check Course Dates. Have any questions? Powered by politedriving.com

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Find accurate info on the best driving schools in Welland. Get reviews and details for each business, including phone number, address, opening hours, promotions and other information. Showing 1 – 4 out of 4. from the ‘Driving Schools’ in Welland. , Aapex Driving Academy. Closed now.

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10 lessons $ $ + HST Regular $ ** Applicants who choose individual lessons can convert completed lessons to a complete for certification .

E-Learning Driver Education Course – MTO approved. 20 hours of digital instruction meeting the requirements for the MTO beginner driver education course. These 20 hours are broken down into 8 distinct learning modules. Students can complete the modules at their own pace from the comfort of their own homes!


Leaders in our field, the Look-Predict-Prevent program is exclusive to AAPEX DRIVING ACADEMY. Since our emphasis has always been on collision prevention. We believe that there is no such thing as "accidents", the vast majority of so called "accidents" are predictable and preventable. Our Full Program includes: 20 hours of in-class instruction.

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We are very pleased with the in class session and car sessions. Your instructors are fantastic. Bart is a professional and fun instructor. Not only did he teach me the skills to pass the test, he I would recommend him to everyone I know.

See you in a couple years when I am ready to take on the G! I am glad that I did. Dan was excellent in class mature student class a Dan was excellent in class mature student class and kept things entertaining even during the dry material. When I was assigned with Anthony it was a life changer. He was patience, understanding, calm and turned this anxious driver into someone who felt they could handle the road.

In fact he did such a great job with calming my anxieties and helping me gain confidence that I passed my G2 on the first attempt! I highly recommend Aapex to anyone entering the graduated licensing system. I paid for extra lessons to drive specifically with Dan, and I also paid to use his car for the road test, which I passed on the first try. Dan was professional and supportive at all times, and serious when the situation warranted.

Even at 7am he I can honestly say if it weren’t for Dan Raby, I would not be driving today. Unless Dan is with another driving school by then, because the only thing better than Aapex, is Aapex with Dan Raby. I will go back to him before my G test too, because he ie really the best around and makes sure you’re always on your best game while driving!!

The owner, Christine was very personable, as well as my instructor, Dan Raby. I have and will continue to recommend Aapex Driving Academy to everybody I know! I am a Deaf person, so I was reluctant before enrolling. Dan made sure I was able to understand everything, and Dan made sure I was able to understand everything, and it was a very easy 4 classes.

He was a great teacher, both in-class and while I was driving. Passing the driving test was a breeze. He is an amazing teacher! He proves that learning driver’s education doesn’t have t He proves that learning driver’s education doesn’t have to be a nerve-racking experience, but a fun one at that! I know that, without having him as an instructor, I wouldn’t have had nearly as much confidence as I did. Thanks again, Dan! Your help throughout the whole process was nothing short of amazing!

My instructor, Dan Raby, was excellent! He was thorough with information and directions, and always availa He was thorough with information and directions, and always available to answer any questions. Anyone who who has negative words towards this establishment or instructors obviously didn’t do their homework or follow directions, and that’s too bad for you because you seriously missed out!

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