Adaptive Driving

Adaptive Driving

Adaptive Driving

Our Adaptive Driving Program provides specialized testing and training to help you reacquire driving skills following a change in your mental or physical condition. Based on your vehicle and your specific needs, we can help identify the exact adaptive equipment and training you’ll need to become a safe, independent driver. Driving is a.

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Adaptive Driving Accessories. We offer a variety of solutions to meet your driving needs. Hand controls and steering devices are the common tool. We also can install digital steering, gas, and brake. Electronic functions such as turn signals, horn, wipers, cruise control, and many other features to suit your needs.

The Adaptive Driving Program at CAT was created 18 years ago to help people with disabilities gain their independence through driving. Amy Lane, an occupational therapist, certified driver rehabilitation specialist, and clinical instructor at the University of Pittsburgh, was instrumental in establishing this program, which she now and Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins.

Adaptive Driving LLC. Is a licensed driving school that provides comprehensive driver rehabilitation services to beginning drivers and adults with functional impairments. Us: Brian Misslich Licensed Driving Instructor (LDI) Laurie Misslich.

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All adaptive driving devices are prescribed by these trained professionals who create a prescription for what devices a vendor can install. While working with one of these specialists, you’ll usually start with an assessment of what unique challenges face you on the road.

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Adaptive Driving Adaptive Driving Driving is an essential skill for independence in today’s society. Returning to driving following an injury, disease, or surgery often requires the specialized assistance from a rehabilitation professional trained to evaluate and rehabilitate these needs.

Our goal is to help people maintain their driving privileges, assess their skill and safety level, and provide adaptive equipment training in order to resume driving following an injury or surgery. An Occupational Therapy Evaluation of pre-driving skill, including: strength, sensation, range of motion, coordination, muscle tone, proprioceptive and kinesthetic movements, visual perceptual skills, vision screening, reaction time, and reflexes.

Assessing adaptive equipment needs. A Neuropsychological Screening to assess attention and concentration, speed of processing, functional memory, sequential thinking, and problem solving. A Behind-The-Wheel Evaluation with a driving rehabilitation specialist in an adaptive vehicle with instructor safety equipment. Driving is a privilege not a right. Lets us help you maintain your safety and abilities in order to keep that privilege. Rocky Mountain Therapy is pleased to offer a comprehensive driving evaluation and training process to persons who have or have sustained the following: A Brain Injury.

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