Adverse Driving Conditions

Adverse Driving Conditions

New Adverse Driving Conditions Exception Provides More Flexibility

The adverse driving conditions exception allows property-carrying drivers who encounter unexpected driving conditions to extend their maximum hour on-duty and hour driving time periods (found in Section of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations) when certain conditions are met. This post explains the details of this exception.

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Hours of Service Exemptions § Scope of the rules in this part. Guidance Q&A. Question 5: How may a driver utilize the adverse driving conditions exception or the emergency conditions exception as found in §(b), to preclude an hours of service violation? Guidance: An absolute prerequisite for any such claim must be that the trip involved is one .

What are examples of adverse driving conditions?

According to 49 CFR [Title 49 – Transportation; Subtitle B Other Regulations Relating to Transportation; Chapter III Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Department of Transportation; Subchapter B Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations; Part Hours of Service Of Drivers], adverse driving conditions means “snow, sleet, fog, other adverse .

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adverse driving conditions

Related to adverse driving conditions Standard Listing Conditions has the meaning ascribed thereto in Section 5 a v of this Agreement; Normal Operating Conditions means those service conditions which are within the control of the Grantee. Those conditions which are ordinarily within the control of the Grantee include, but are not limited to, special promotions, rate increases, and maintenance or upgrade of the System.

Product Conditions means these product terms and conditions. These Product Conditions apply to each series of cash settled Warrants over single equities; Closing Conditions shall include, but are not limited to, SI Securities determining in its sole discretion that at the time of a closing, the Minimum Offering has been met, the investment remains suitable for investors, investors have successfully passed ID, KYC, AML, OFAC, and suitability screening, and that Issuer has completed all actions required by it as communicated by SI Securities at the time of a closing.

Pre-Existing Conditions means, in respect of the Insured Person, any Sickness, Disease, Injury, physical, mental or medical condition or physiological degradation, including Congenital Condition, that has existed prior to the Policy Issuance Date or the Policy Effective Date, whichever is the earlier.

An ordinary prudent person shall be reasonably aware of a Pre- existing Condition, where – Litigation Conditions has the meaning set forth in Section 7. Rating Condition means a period commencing with notice a "Rating Condition Notice" by the Agent to the Company and the Lenders to the effect that the Agent has been informed that the rating of the senior public Debt of the Company is unsatisfactory under the standard set forth in the next sentence, and ending with notice by the Agent to the Company and the Lenders to the effect that such condition no longer exists.

The Company agrees to give notice to the Agent forthwith upon any change in a rating by either such organization of the senior public Debt of the Company; the Agent shall have no duty whatsoever to verify the accuracy of any such notice from the Company or any Lender or to monitor independently the ratings of the senior public Debt of the Company and no Lender shall have any duty to give any such notice. The Agent shall give notice to the Lenders and the Company as to the termination of a Rating Condition promptly upon receiving a notice from the Company to the Agent which notice the Agent shall promptly notify to the Lenders stating that the rating of the senior public Debt of the Company does not meet the standard set forth in the second sentence of this clause ii , and requesting that the Agent notify the Lenders of the termination of the Rating Condition.

The Rating Condition shall terminate upon the giving of such notice by the Agent. Regulatory Conditions means the conditions set out in paragraphs 3 a to c inclusive of Part A of Appendix I to the Announcement; Environmental Conditions means the presence in the environment, including the soil, groundwater, surface water or ambient air, of any Hazardous Material at a level which exceeds any applicable standard or threshold under any Environmental Law or otherwise requires investigation or remediation including, without limitation, investigation, study, health or risk assessment, monitoring, removal, treatment or transport under any applicable Environmental Laws.

Sicknesses or conditions are not considered pre-existing if the sickness or condition for which prescribed drugs or medicine is taken remains controlled without any change in the required prescription throughout the entire day period ending on the Effective Date and no medical advice, diagnosis, care or treatment has otherwise been received.

Serious health condition means an illness, injury, impairment, or physical or mental condition that involves: Adverse Environmental Condition means i the existence or the continuation of the existence of an Environmental Contamination including, without limitation, a sudden or non-sudden accidental or non-accidental Environmental Contamination , or exposure to any substance, chemical, material, pollutant, Hazardous Substance, odor or audible noise or other release or emission in, into or onto the environment including without limitation, the air, ground, water or any surface at, in, by, from or related to any Collateral, ii the environmental aspect of the transportation, storage, treatment or disposal of materials in connection with the operation of any Collateral, or iii the violation, or alleged violation, of any Environmental Law, permits or licenses of, by or from any governmental authority, agency or court relating to environmental matters connected with any of the Collateral.

Dynamic driving task means all the real-time operational and tactical functions required to operate a vehicle in on-road traffic within its specific operational design domain, if any, excluding the strategic functions such as trip scheduling and selection of destinations and waypoints. Poor foundation conditions means those areas where features exist which indicate that a natural or human-induced event may result in inadequate foundation support for the structural components of an MSWLF unit.

Life-threatening condition means any disease or condition from which the likelihood of death is probable unless the course of the disease or condition is interrupted. Serious Medical Condition means a condition which, in Our opinion, constitutes a serious medical emergency requiring urgent remedial treatment to avoid death or serious impairment to Your immediate or long-term health prospects.

The seriousness of the medical condition will be judged within the context of Your geographical location, the nature of the medical emergency and the local availability of appropriate medical care or facility. Hazardous condition means any situation involving the actual, imminent or probable spillage, leakage, or release of a hazardous substance onto the land, into a water of the State or into the atmosphere which creates an immediate or potential danger to the public health or safety or to the environment.

Offer Conditions has the meaning set forth in Section 1.

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