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Agganis Driving School

Agganis Driving School Inc

Agganis Driving School has worked with kids for 39 years. We know how they think, how they act, and how they learn. Our Ultimate Driving Program is designed for the mindset. Unfortunately, few driving courses go beyond the basics to turn students into smart, safe, and defensive drivers.

To get started, give Agganis Driving School INC a call or visit them at Franklin St, Melrose, MA. A driver’s education and training program will help prepare you to pass the written exam and road test administered by the Massachusetts Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), Department of Revenue (DOR), Motor Vehicle Division (MVD), or.

In Control is pleased to offer Agganis Driving School students and their families a $30 Subsidy/Discount* when signing up for our course. To take of this reduced price, reserve a course online or call us toll-free at SAFE. Enter “ Agganis ” in the subsidy/discount code section of the payment screen (shown below, circled in.

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25 reviews of Agganis Driving School "My experience here has been terrible. The classroom lessons to get the permit went fine, and I got my permit in the first try. However, I’ve had a permit since early November and it’s now April. I have not had a single lesson. It’s impossible to book lessons through the website, either it doesn’t work or they just simply fill up too fast, I honestly 1/5(25).

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20 reviews of Agganis Driving School "Ok this is from last year so many things have been better or worse since then. My son upon his 16th bday wanted to start his drivers ed so we determined Agannis was the best place to go as I had hear horror stories about the schools in Burlington and Billerica. We signed up (process was a little slow- cant exactly why but there was /5(20).

Agganis Driving School

Agganis does not have enough instructors to get driving time scheduled. It has taken months and still not completed. Getting a response to sche Getting a response to scheduling inquires takes days. Lots of unmet promises! This school has been nonstop frustration! In my opinion a very good driving school with extremely effective techniques. I have also seen cars being driven by the instructors a I have also seen cars being driven by the instructors and no one else in the car take illegal right turns with no blinker and have had multiple people cut me off.

I understand it is a driving school and they are going to be mistakes but when instructors are driving dangerously with cars that are not up to road standards how can you teach other people how to drive. I have not taken any classes with these people but I do deliver pizza in the town of Wilmington and see these cars all the time.

And I have seen countless headlights tail lights and brake lights out. Read Less Rahgu N. I was failed but did not give the failure sheet, saying she forgot, I guess agganis and tha I was failed but did not give the failure sheet, saying she forgot, I guess agganis and that inspector is have deal and cheat together.

I am requesting you please do not go to Agganis. I do not want to give any rating but you might not see it, that’s giving 1 start to get your attention. Took a 90 min driving practice with them, and was only maybe 50 min of actual driving without any direction or help.

The person with me failed because he "accelerated" too fast and me for getting on the road but the person giving it said I cut someone off when I was way away from it. Read Less Andy B. They are professional and caring. Her drivers were helpful and supportive.

The Wilmington location is new and clean, bright and comfortable, even for the parents class. By the way, you only have to take the parents class once. I wish we had gone with Agganis for our older two.

But price oftentimes dictates. During the parent and student classes, Mr. Agganis claims that if the student fails the driving test, they will get a free lesson. This is not true. When asked about this, they claime When asked about this, they claimed that it was never said.

Go get license with them, Came to reading to Go get license with them, Came to reading to get me, I tell them speak easy and I understand, ok no problem the man said.

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