Ap Driving License

Ap Driving License

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limit to obtain Driving Licence. An applicant who has completed sixteen years of is eligible to apply for a driving licence to drive a motor cycle with engine capacity below 55 cc subject to the condition that the parent or guardian should furnish a declaration in the manner prescribed. The applicant who has completed the of eighteen years of is eligible to .

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PROCEDURE: Schedule an appointment for the test of competence online by visiting the website or any RTO office where such facility An application in Form 4, for a permanent driving licence shall be made along with the Learners’ Licence obtained for The applicant who has .

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The ePragati Authority hereby declares that the above information will neither be shared outside Government Departments of Andhra Pradesh nor displayed to public. myAP Portal Driving License Driving License Services.

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Obtain a learners Licence.

Applicant must have an aadhar card To apply for a motorcycle without gear with engine capacity not exceeding 50cc, the applicant should be at least 16 years of age To apply for a light motor vehicle, the applicant should be at least 18 years of age and for a non-transport vehicle, the applicant should be at least 20 years of age.

Applicant has to pay a fee of Rs. To obtain a driving license offline in Andhra Pradesh, you will have to follow the below procedure. Fill and submit application form no 4 i. Individual applying for a commercial driving license has to also submit form 5 i. Along with the application form, the applicant is also required to submit the relevant documents at the regional transport office.

A Fee of Rs. On passing the test, you will receive your driving license by post within weeks. To apply for a driving license in Andhra Pradesh, you will have to visit Andhra Pradesh state transport website-www. Fill out the form and submit all the relevant documents. You can also schedule your driving license test online and select an appropriate time and date.

You will then have to then visit the RTO office to give the driving test. On passing the test, your DL will be delivered to your registered address. Note: The online application facility is available only in few cities of Andhra Pradesh.

A duplicate driving license is issued in Andhra Pradesh on the following grounds: When your driving license is destroyed When the license is torn, defaced or completely written up When the driving license is lost or misplaced You can also get a duplicate driving license in case if the photograph affixed on the DL requires replacement.

Documents required for getting a duplicate driving license: Application form LLD Original copy of the driving license, if available In case of loss of driving license, attested copies of the DL Fees of Rs. In case of change of state, the applicant will have to get a no objection certificate from the RTO that issued his original duplicate driving license. One can also apply for a duplicate license online by following the below steps: Visit aprtacitizen.

In Andhra Pradesh, a driving license has to be renewed within 30 days from the date of expiry. For renewal of your driving license, you will have to follow the below process: Submit application form no. To get an International driving license in the state of Andhra Pradesh, an applicant must meet the below requirements: Submit a duly filled IDP form at the RTO where he obtained the DL from or last renewed the DL 3 copies of passport size photographs Copies of passport and driving license Along with the above documents, the applicant will also have to pay a fee of Rs.

Test Procedure for obtaining a driving license in Andhra Pradesh For undergoing the driving test, Andhra Pradesh transport department offers four different tracks- Nagole Driving test facility, Kondapur Driving test facility, Gannavaram Nagole Driving test facility, and Ampapuram Nagole Heavy Vehicle Driving test facility.

Applicants can choose any of the nearest test locations. The applicants will have to bring their vehicle for driving test according to the class of the vehicle selected. The applicant will have to undergo the test in the presence of a motor vehicle inspector who will assess the applicants driving skills.

The motor vehicle inspector will decide if the applicant is qualified to obtain the test. Following the driving test, the applicant will have to take a test related to road signals and road safety. If an applicant fails the test, he can reappear for the test within a period of 7 days. Note: An individual will not be allowed to appear for the test without a seat belt for LMV and without a helmet for 2 wheelers.

You can check your driving license status in Andhra Pradesh by following the below mentioned steps. Procedure to check driving license status online in Andhra Pradesh? Visit www. Enter application number or learning license number. Click on get details and the status of your DL application will be displayed online. Procedure to check driving license status offline in Andhra Pradesh? Applicants can check the status of their driving license offline by visiting the RTO office where they applied for their DL.

How to make corrections in driving license? To make any correction in your driving license, you will have to follow the below steps. You will have to make an application at the RTO and will have to submit your original driving license. For change in address, name, you will have to produce copies of the original documents The applicant will then have to get the change in information approved by the regional transport office.

On approval, a receipt will be provided to the applicant which can be used as a temporary license The updated driving license will be delivered to the applicant via post. I do not have my application number.

Can I still check for my driving license status online? Yes, you can check the status of your driving license in Andhra Pradesh without having an application number Visit this link aprtacitizen. You can request a correction in your driving license at the RTO that issued our original driving license. Can I change the date of my driving license test online?

Yes, you can change the date of your driving license test online and opt for a suitable date and time as per your convenience. You will be charged a small fee for this. What is the fee for an addition of new vehicle type in the existing DL? The fee for an addition of new vehicle type in the existing DL is Rs. Does Andhra Pradesh offer smart card driving license? No, Andhra Pradesh does not offer smart card driving license Close.

How to Check AP Driving licence Status online – How to Check Driving licence Status online in Telugu

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