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Apex Driving Academy teaches you to drive your car on a real race track. We teach high-performance driving skills in a safe and controlled environment and we provide sports car drivers with safe, affordable access to the premier motorsports facility in Texas.

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Apex offers drivers training for adults 18 years and older. We teach beginners and drivers with some experience.

AAPEX Driving Academy is a Ministry of Transportation approved beginner driver education course provider. *Limited Spacing. Register. E-Learning. Virtual Driver’s Education – 20 hours of asynchronous digital instruction for the MTO beginner driver education course. Register Learn More.

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I also incorporate aspects of ‘driving psychology’ to help students understand how risky attitudes and negative belief systems can impair safe driving decisions. For specific information, please click on the Thanks for considering APEX.

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Description[ edit ] Racing line showing earlier and later apices in a standard corner Driving the racing line is a primary technique for minimizing the overall course time. As the optimal path around a race course, the racing line can often be glimpsed on the asphalt in the form of tire skid marks.

Baime described its formation in the early laps of a race at Le Mans : As the pack stretched out in single file—carving the black stripe into the pavement that was the racing line—the real competition began. This optimum line may vary depending on whether a driver wishes to achieve a minimum lap time during a qualifying session, conserve tires and fuel, or fend off a pass from another driver during a race.

Race tracks are often broken down into separate elements such as standard corners, chicanes, double apexes, and straights. A corner can then be further broken down into the deceleration phase of corner entry, followed by the apex, and finally the acceleration phase during corner exit.

This is followed by the turn-in where the driver begins to steer the vehicle toward the apex. Later, many racing drivers started to incorporate trail-braking into their corner entry. Apex[ edit ] In basic terms, the apex or clipping point is the point on the inside portion of a corner that a vehicle passes closest to.

The apex can also be described as the point of minimum radius and slowest speed achieved in a corner. An apex can be defined as being an earlier apex or later apex. An earlier apex will reach the inside of a corner at a higher speed and with a larger radius than a later apex. A driver will typically choose their apex based on their vehicle’s corner exit abilities with higher acceleration optimally requiring a later apex. Corner exit[ edit ] The corner exit phase begins at the apex when the vehicle begins to accelerate.

A driver’s goal during corner exit is to maximize the acceleration of the vehicle in the direction of the following straight. Higher acceleration vehicles may be limited by wheelspin and will not achieve full throttle until the corner is nearly complete. This will create a corner exit path of increasing radius that will often mirror the Euler spiral-shaped corner entry path.

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