Audi Driving Gloves

Audi Driving Gloves

Everything You Need To Make Your Car A Winter Driving Machine

Brand New Genuine Audi Leather TouchTec Driving Gloves – Size (Ladies Size Large). TouchTec is a patented, breakthrough technology that allows you to keep these driving gloves on while using your MMI Navigation plus system, or on any other touch-screen B00EXV3D7O.

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Welcome to the Audi Club North America merchandise store At the Audi Club North America merchandise store, you can choose and purchase from a selection of Audi and Audi Club branded products curated by Audi Club North America for its owners and enthusiasts. Men’s Gloves. $ Daily Pant Jogger – Men’s. $ quattro Asymmetric Stripe.

Audi Sport Driving Gloves

Every product is carefully selected by our editors. If you buy from a link, we may earn a commission. The Best Driving Gloves of A Buying Guide and History Drivers often traveled with two pairs of gloves, one for gripping the steering wheel and one for changing tires. Roads were unpaved and cars lacked windshields and hard tops. Retailers quickly realized the monetary potential of this new apparel sector full of wealthy people.

Without good gloves, your hands would be hurting awfully quickly. In fact, drivers often traveled with two pairs of gloves — one for gripping the steering wheel and one for changing tires. These gloves looked much different than ones do today.

Since steering mechanisms and logistics were rather crude, gloves were made of thick leather, sometimes lined with wool , and reached all the way back to cover the cuff of your coat. During the s, cars began gaining heaters that effectively kept drivers and passengers warm. With warming thickness no longer needed, driving glove evolved into a shorter, tighter-fitting shape made of thin leather.

The gloves often featured extra stitching on the palms for enhanced grip and perforations to keep your hands from sweating, features that kept drivers comfortable and allowed them to hold the wheel less tightly. Driving gloves also became a status symbol: you were considered high class if you had light-color gloves that were kept clean.

Non-slip, rubberized steering wheels were easy to grip with bare hands, and power steering meant the wheel was easier to turn. Men like Steve McQueen and James Bond continued to wear driving gloves, however, keeping them in pop culture as items of style, rather than function. Nowadays, driving gloves have been featured prominently in movies that focus on driving; the main characters in Drive, Spectre and Baby Driver all wear the hand covers over the course of their flicks.

Driving gloves today are typically unlined and made out of soft, grippy leather. They can be machined or hand-sewn, found with or without fingertips or knuckle holes, and bought in a wide range of colors and back styles.

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