Autism Driving

Autism Driving

Autism And Driving: Everything You Need To Know

Driving is a big step for teens and young adults on the autism spectrum. It’s one of many choices individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) make as a part of the transition to adulthood. Driving can contribute to the development of the individual, enhancing access to community activities, employment opportunities, and social politedriving.comted Reading Time: 1 min.

This virtual reality driving simulator may be able to prepare adolescents with high functioning autism to hit the open road. We applaud the efforts of the Vanderbilt virtual reality driving simulator project because it paves the road for teens with ASD to become independent adults. This, of course, can be all academic if self-driving cars.

Autism. January 28, of us without a neurological development diagnosis like autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have little trouble learning to drive—we’re able to attend driver education courses, easily recognize signals and road signs, and react safely in typical driving scenarios. But the widely varying symptoms of ASD can present unique challenges to drivers Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins.

Driving With Autism helps an autistic person navigate all of the steps necessary to safely drive on their own through our virtual education training sessions.

Autism and Driving: Everything You Need to Know

According to conducted at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), two-thirds of to year-old autistic adolescents without intellectual disability are currently driving or planning to drive, and 1 in 3 autistic individuals without intellectual disability get licensed by Autism is characterized by subtle impairments in social interaction, communication, motor .

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Driving and Autism

Planning Across The Spectrum specializes in helping any individual, family, or employer of those with autism and other disabilities to pursue financial independence. We Know Autism Our Driving With Autism team includes highly trained occupational therapists, specially certified driving instructors, and Autism Transitions Consultants who are program alumni and are now safely driving with autism.

Motivation and Ability Some people are ready and able to drive and have no questions. Others may want to drive but may be worried that they lack the necessary skills. Still others may have the ability but lack the desire and motivation. Our first step is to help you gain confidence about your ability to drive. We offer an 8-part live webinar series specific to autistic individuals and their families. Virtual Lessons Learn to Drive After you grasp the theory and concepts taught in our classes, the next step is actually driving.

We can provide resources to help you find the right driving school for you across the country. You can successfully get your license, and this guide will help show you how.

Julia’s Story from Autistic Driving School

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