Backseat Driving

Backseat Driving

Back-seat Driver

Sally’s been in therapy several times and majored in psychology, so Jane looks to her for advice. Sally wants to help Jane get the out of her therapy, so she’s kibitzing – looking over her.

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Need proof? Unsolicited advice and other backseat driving can turn ugly quickly, resulting in driver distractions and even accidents. Recognize the trouble signs You have to watch out for physical, verbal or internalized patterns that threaten to take over your passenger experience. But problems tend to arise when you do it all the time and you are potentially impacting the performance of the driver.

Or maybe they routinely exercise poor judgment. In many cases, backseat drivers become that way because they get anxious about not being in control of a vehicle, or a certain passenger experience will trigger a traumatic memory. Once you understand these things better, you can work on minimizing your fears to convince yourself to be able to ride along with a clearly competent driver without trying to control the situation.

But table the conversation for after the trip. Wait until the time is right, and voice your concerns in a respectful manner. You Might Like.

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