Big Bear Driving Conditions

Big Bear Driving Conditions

Big Bear Lake Traffic And Road Conditions

This is an excellent day for driving! 76° / 45°. Monday. 8/ 9. This is an excellent day for driving! 78° / 47°. Tuesday. 8/Location: Big Bear Lake, United States, , California.

Haggin Oaks Driving Range

Big Bear Lake Weather in February. By Month. In February there is the snowfall of any month in Big Bear Lake with an of 18 inches – great conditions for skiing and snowboarding! Daytime highs can reach 48°F but at night it might get as cold as 22°F. Sunshine skiers will be in luck as you will surely have some sunny days.

KBHR Road Conditions. Highway 18/ – Big Bear to Running Springs and Highland can be the congested. Consider using alternates Highway 38 to Mentone or Highway 18 to Lucerne Valley. Always carry chains for travel during winter months. Caltrans asks you to be prepared and have your chains easily accessible for when the road conditions.

Big Bear Lake traffic updates reporting highway and road conditions with real-time interactive map including flow, delays, accidents, construction, closures, traffic jams and congestion, driving conditions, text alerts, gridlock, and live cameras for the Big Bear Lake area and San Bernardino county%.

Big Bear Lake Road Conditions with Driving and Traffic Flow –

Caltrans officials urge you to check Big Bear road conditions often. To help keep you abreast of changing conditions, Caltrans operates the Caltrans Highway Information Network which motorists may telephone for up-to-the-minute information () The network is updated as Big Bear road conditions change. Winter Travel Tips.

State Route 38 To Big Bear Reopens Following Temporary Closure Due To Heavy Snow

All Traffic Alerts Provided by Caltrans. Click the icons on the map to see info. However, they are not always available. FAQs Q How often is the map updated? A The traffic flow is updated at loadtime and upon movement outside the initial map view, or upon refresh of the page.

Information shown is as only reliable as how it is reported to us. Q The roads are backed up or closed, but the map does not show the reason why, what’s the deal? A Municipal traffic monitors or GPS trackers may not be available, could be offline, or reports and alerts are not syndicated to media outside of the area to use on the map. This is especially true for rural areas.

You are encouraged to leave a road conditions report to help others. Q I see traffic alerts in the box below for the state, but they aren’t related to the area I’m in? A We attempt to display alerts as specific to the area as possible, however in some cases the data we receive will only allow us to provide it by county or even statewide. Q Are you an official source of traffic information? A We are not an official source of traffic or real-time data. We have contracts and licenses to display certain up-to-date information that comes direct from some DOTs in various states, and the traffic flow on the maps is provided by Google or MapQuest.

However, the data shown here should only be used for light informational and reference purposes and not to make critical decisions. Your safest option on the web is to use your state-run traffic website, or to call the DOT traffic line for your state, local authorities, or the state’s number if available.

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