Bmw Ultimate Driving Experience

Bmw Ultimate Driving Experience

BMW’s Free Ultimate Driving Experience Is Better Than Some Track Days

Choose from a full lineup of our newest BMW models and the all-electric MINI Cooper SE and hit the road for the ultimate drive. Our complimentary Street Drives experience event lets you grip the wheel and feel the excitement first-hand of driving the .

The Ultimate Driving Experience Zentrum is newly renovated and has a nice cafe and gift shop in the midst of awesome vehicles. Located next to the largest volume producing plant in the BMW Group, this is defintiely worth a stop. Directly off of HWY 85, it is a nice place to take a break TripAdvisor reviews.

this is the ultimate driving experience.

Old People Driving Meme

The Ultimate Driving Experience Q: How old must I be to drive? A: Drivers must be at least 18 years of with a valid license, to participate in Autocross and Plug-In Performance. Drivers must be at least 25 years of with a valid license, to participate in Street Drives and M Car Control Clinic. Licenses will be checked onsite.

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Location: CitiField 41 Seaver Way Queens, NY Parking: Lot G – Entrance 1 on Seaver Way.

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From the lounge we headed over to the Harmon Kardon auditorim tent thingy for a presentation before hitting the track. The presenter went on an on about the "Ultimate Driving Machine" ethos explaining why rear-drive cars are dynamically superior to front-drive cars. I wanted to raise my hand and ask about the upcoming 2 series Active Tourer and possible FWD 1-series in the works for the U.

Time to race, we leave the auditorium and there were about a dozen 2-series coupes lined up outside; they split us up into teams of about 10 people. Then we piled into the cars to be shuttled to the course. I sat in the back and found it to be surprisingly roomy in the small coupe.

We get to the course and are introduced to the instructors. These men and women have some serious racing pedigree. Our instructor lived walking distance from turn 10 at Indianapolis, and his grandfather won the Indy in the 50’s. Bob and I get into the car and our instructor says he is going to drive two laps to show us the course, one slow to explain the turns and one to model how it is really done.

Then we would each get two laps in the car. The tires squealed at every turn, and every braking point my stomach went to my throat. This dude was no joke behind the wheel. He comes into the pit area and points to me, "Ok man, it’s your turn. I need to to drive like that. I believe the kids are calling it just a dab of oppo. I figured the instructor would be a little ticked that I took that turn too hard That was great.

Because my friend Bob was being tossed around in the back seat, he felt a little queasy after those laps. He took a minute to get some air and he was in driver’s seat. After Bob’s lap the whole team re-grouped for a little relay race. The entire team’s time would be added together in a friendly competition.

Some of these people really came to drive, and were not shy about tossing this around. One of the participants popped his Go-Pro on the car to record our race. If you want to see my terrible lap in which I kill a few cones, fast forward to the mark. I’m the doofus with the light blue shirt and grey hat. In between the sessions, I chatted with some of the participants. About half of them were BMW owners already with a variety of cars ranging from a modded 1M to a leased 7-series.

The rest of us were either BMW fans that were too poor to buy one like me or folks that are considering a purchase. Here is my take away from this experience. Third, these types of events do have some influence on a purchase. Sitting in the back of the I thought, "You know, I could fit a front-facing child seat in here.

I really do think the automaker is still committed to making cars for us. They may not have the same visceral connection as the ones that came before, but they will still put a smile on your face on during your commute or on the racecourse. They don’t mind.

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