Boat Driving Lessons Near Me

Boat Driving Lessons Near Me

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Gaining Confidence Starts Here. Our On-Water Training Program is a fun, easy, and affordable way to develop and improve your boating skills. Whether you love boating and want to gain confidence at the helm, you’re considering buying or renting a boat and want to learn the basics, or you’re just curious about boating our On-Water Training Program offers courses that will .

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We at Georgia Boat Safety and Training believe you should be the best you can be at operating any type of vessel safely and efficiently.. Our Trainers come from a wide range of experience to to include recreational boating, Fire Boat Operations, Law Enforcement, Rescue Diving, HazMat, Spill Response and disaster response.

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Find a Hands-on Boating Course Today! Whether you are a lifelong boater looking to brush up on your skills or have never been on the water before, we have opportunities available for you! Use this tool to locate hands-on boating courses in your area today. If you do not see a boating course posted in [ ].

You don’t even need to own a boat to take our course. We can take you out on one of our boats and show you everything you want and need to know to safely drive a boat DAY or NIGHT! With over 30 years of boating experience our instructors will show you tricks of the trade and the knowledge you gain is only limited by the hours you spend with us!

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In addition, Steve has 25 years of experience as a of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. Here he is a Coxswain certified facility owner who has donated time during many boating seasons to support the Coast Guard’s on-water operations, and safe boating activities. Captain Steve is also a USCG certified Instructor, a USCG certified Vessel.

Boating Courses, Education & Training

In-class training courses are on a limited state-by-state basis, and sometimes with a nominal fee. The very best educational option, however, is probably on-the-water hands-on training classes. Again, these are limited to specific locations. Several are offered at boat shows and your ticket to the show is often included in the package so you can check out new boats and learn better boat handling on the very same day. Pricing ranges widely depending on the course you choose and its length, but options include topics like Introduction to Boating, Precision Docking and Boat Handling, and woman-only Women Making Waves courses.

Their depth also ranges widely, from online offerings to multiple-day on-the-water courses. Some are advanced enough to qualify for Instructor Certification, and are verified by third-party assessment to conform with American National Standards for on-water skill training. Coast Guard, for teaching teens age 13 through 19 on-water powerboating skills and maneuvers, terminology, and equipment.

The instructors have undergone rigorous training to teach recreational boaters in accordance with the American National Standard for on-water skills. NSBC Instructors help cultivate a safer recreational boating experience by training responsible boaters. Visit NSBC to find an instructor near you.

The U. Coast Guard Auxiliary The U. These range from one-hour classes targeting four- to nine-year-olds, to advanced eight-hour courses that will benefit even old salts. Note that many of these are provided through the BoatU. Many clubs also offer yearly refreshers, special education sessions, and other opportunities to advance your boating education on a regular basis. Get a Boating License Finding out how to get a boating license is a great first step towards getting out on the water as a responsible boater.

Explore Boats Additional Boating Education Resources There are also many youth programs designed specifically to help kids and young boaters learn the ropes. And on top of all that, numerous private organizations offer real-world boating education. As you decide how to best advance your own boating skills, also consider: Safely Moored offers professional hands-on boating instruction and safety training, as well as yacht management, dockside services, and yacht sales in South Florida.

The American Sailing Association ASA is the oldest and largest keelboat certification authority in the United States, with affiliated sailing schools worldwide. The United States Sailing Association US Sailing , the national governing body for sailing, provides leadership, integrity, and growth for the sport in the United States through wide-ranging educational programs.

Offshore Sailing School is owned and operated by Steve and Doris Colgate, who are dedicated to delivering the very best sailing education, in environments that make learning fun and rewarding. Boat On Course , educational boating safety videos from the National Safe Boating Council, teach the basic navigation rules of boating.

Watch at your own pace, and test your knowledge at the end of each video. And, it’s all free. Coast Guard Auxiliary.

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