Car Jerks When Driving

Car Jerks When Driving

Q: My Car Jerks When Decelerating Or Cruising In Slow Speed.

When a car jerks when accelerating from a stop, it can be annoying, and it could also potentially be dangerous if someone stopped behind you doesn’t realize your car is jerking and not accelerating. of the time, a car that jerks when accelerating from a stop has dirty fuel injectors in it or a blocked fuel politedriving.comted Reading Time: 11 mins.

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The surging you feel while under light throttle, which is what is happening at a cruise, is due to a lean condition. Just as your codes suggests. Since it also mentions your EGR, this is a good place to begin since EGR systems can develop restrictions that keep the valve stuck open. When this occurs, there is an internal vacuum leak created by the EGR valve.

A vacuum leak is when there is air entering the motor from unwanted paths. I would begin by inspection and cleaning our EGR passages. Aside from the EGR system, the best way to inspect for a vacuum leak is with a smoke machine. The next best technique is to use an arosol spray such as brake cleaner.

You will want to liberally and selectively spray it in suspected areas. Another possibility is low fuel pressure. Good luck!

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