Car Shuts Off While Driving

Car Shuts Off While Driving

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If the supply lines are broken or clogged, then there is no way for the gas to get to the engine, causing it to shut off while running. A broken fuel pump or fuel filter can cause your car to shut off while driving due to the incorrect amount of gas going into the engine, with it not being enough to run the car properly. Empty Fuel TankEstimated Reading Time: 10 mins.

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Why Does My Car Shut Off While Driving? Here’s Why

And, it makes you worry. What could possibly be wrong with your car that this would happen? This could happen on a local road or the highway. When your car has something wrong with it, shutting down is sometimes its way of protecting you. It may not feel this way when you break down in bumper to bumper traffic. Hopefully, the problem is nothing major. This includes not only the safety of you and your passengers, but also the safety of other people on the road.

There are 5 main reasons why your car would shut off while driving. Some of these are a sign of something minor — like not having gas in your tank. No Fuel in the Tank You may think to yourself — why would I ever let my tank run on empty? You could be on a long road trip and underestimate how far away the next gas station is. Or, you might have a bad fuel gauge. This is especially true with some of the older cars. Over time, the gauge can give bad readings.

Or, you may know that your gauge is bad but have no idea how low your fuel really is. This is a good reason why you should always have an extra canister of gasoline in your trunk. If you break down, you can get at least enough fuel in the tank to get you to the closest gas station or auto shop. The alternator is what sends the electrical signals to the rest of your car. This can happen gradually over time. The next time you idle, maybe at a red light, your car will shut off.

If one sensor goes bad, you can lose power to various parts of your car, including the engine. This is one of the drawbacks with new cars. They may offer a bunch of cool features, but they rely on electronics so much that a bad sensor can throw the entire system out of whack. Over time, your fuel pump can get dirty or clogged. This can cause your car to shut off while driving. If your fuel pump does go, it is an expensive fix.

However, any certified mechanic can perform the necessary repairs. Is Your Ignition Switch Damaged? The ignition switch is what makes your car turn the power on. Sometimes, if your engine is vibrating too much, it can cause your ignition switch to break. The same is true if you do a lot of driving on poorly maintained roads.

If your car does shut off in the middle of driving, there are a few things you need to do. Yes, it may cost you a pretty penny to get your car fixed. But the important thing is that you are alive to get that car fixed! This is asking for trouble. So, you need to get your car off to the shoulder or at least the side of the road. But you can manually push the car off to the side of the road. If need be, use the emergency brake to stop the car.

Just get it out of traffic. Try to restart the car — There are such things as flukes. If it does — great. Get home but still take your car to the shop. Even if your car has no power, your flashers will still work.

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