Car Wobbles When Driving

Car Wobbles When Driving

Why Is My Car Shaking When I’m Driving?

A steering wheel wobble (or oscillation side to side) without stepping on the brakes means you have a tire out of round, or a bent wheel on the front of your car. Maybe both front wheels are bent, but that’s rare. If you ran over a pot hole driving fast, that could bend a wheel, or a tire.

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Top 5 Reasons Your Car Is Shaking

If so, the diagnosis could be as simple as a warped brake rotor. This vibration is typically felt through your brake pedal as well as through the whole vehicle. For example, the driveshaft, which if bent causes the whole vehicle to shake or vibrate. To determine whether this is in fact the cause; check that the clamps are secure and if there are signs of leaking lubricant.

TYRES Low rolling resistance or low profile tyres are a potential cause of tyre vibration, they reduce drag and resistance on the road. This could be a potential cause of the vibrations. Similarly, old balder tyres could be a simple cause of road vibration and can be easily replaced with a new set. If one of the axles gets bent, which occasionally happens after an accident, vibration will occur and increase as your driving speed increases.

An imbalance in your wheels may be the cause and although hard to spot, garages can check them out for you and reconvene balance fairly expensive through wheel alignment. To eradicate the issue, you may just need a new set of spark plugs or just have their wires checked out and replaced. The air of fuel filter of your engine may also be dirty or clogged, starving it of the fuel or indeed oxygen that it requires to run smoothly. Also, check the reservoir for the power steering fluid level.

The car shaking may not feel like an urgent issue, but without even a diagnosis you cannot be sure of the further damage it is causing your vehicle and in turn how costly the repair is becoming.

Top 5 Reasons Your Car is Shaking or Vibrating – Symptoms and Fixes Included

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