Chris Evans Driving

Chris Evans Driving

Chris Evans Driving Instructor

Chris Evans Driving School. Wednesday 22nd July. Posted on J2 talking about this. Polite & Friendly Driving Instructor providing Driving Lessons in Worcester, Tewkesbury and /5(18).

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Chris Evans accidentally shares penis pic, driving Twitter wild

One, he has a big spread in Massachusetts, close to where he grew up in Concord. Two, he loves dogs. Three, he loves brunettes with big booties. In fact, the only surprising thing is that someone in his camp leaked the exact same information to different tabloids. From OK! And no one makes a big fuss over him, which he really appreciates. And good for him — this is not a dude who is looking to be one half of a power couple.

Speaking of: Sources tell Star that Chris Evans — already a familiar face around Concord, Mass — has ditched Hollywood to move back to his hometown. The insider confirms that Evans has been low-key seeing a woman from the area. How would their lives have intersected?

Friend of a friend? Did they meet at the local dog park? Did his mom introduce him to the cute-but-sassy young teacher who just came to town? Does she love dogs? Honestly all of this sounds like the premise of a pretty charming Netflix romance. And he needs to side-eye his crew or his family because someone is telling his personal stuff to OK! Magazine and Star.

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