City Car Driving System Requirements

City Car Driving System Requirements

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10 rows · City Car Driving requires at least a Radeon R7 X or GeForce GTX to meet.

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If you really want to enjoy City Car Driving at a higher level of gameplay smoothness, your Operating System: Windows 7 SP1 / 8 / / 10 (64 Bit).

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System requirements: system requirements are strict, however advanced software settings (such as: adjustable graphical effects, multi-threaded rendering and DirectX 11 support) make possible to adjust the performance more fine to your system. WARNING!!! The program requires constant Internet connection for license validation! WARNING!!!

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Can I run City Car Driving ? – game system requirements

In addition to the traffic rules changed: road signs, markings, traffic lights, as well as virtual speedometer shows speed in MPH. US traffic rules are available for selection during the profile creation. If this function is activated traffic cops are being placed on some of road crossings with a probability specified in settings. Winter is designed not only cosmetically falling snow, snow textures, etc.

Added the second district of a brand new virtual city: – 9 highly detailed courtyards; – 2 multi level car parks; – unique infrastructure. In this exercise it’s necessary to drive through a corridor and change the lane abruptly in a specified direction; – Elk test. In this exercise it’s necessary to drive through a corridor, change the lane abruptly and then return to the initial lane.

It makes possible to record a driving session – everything is being recorded in a file that can be played back in further. During the playback it’s possible to switch the camera view angles as in usual driving session. This feature is useful for better mistakes tracking during the driving. If this function is activated pedestrians can suddenly cross the road in random places.

If this function is activated random traffic lights are being broken during the driving session with a probability specified in settings. Key features: Multilingual support enhances the usability of the simulator. Support for both US and European traffic rules allows you learn the difference between the traffic rules in different continents. Useful for those who plan traveling around the United States or Europe by car. This feature makes our car simulator a versatile tool, regardless of the country which the user resides in.

Support for both right-handed and left-handed player cars immerse you in unusual driving conditions. Various time of day and weather conditions allows you feel all the difficulties of driving in harsh weather conditions, such as rain, ice and snow, as well as in conditions of poor visibility at night or in the fog.

Sudden dangerous situations helps you feel realistic driving situations. There’s generation of such sudden events as: a traffic car drives on the opposite lane or cutting the lane just in front of the player’s car, pedestrians crossing the road in wrong places, broken traffic lights, etc. Routes can be defined as without any limitations set only a destination, and let the navigator pave the best route to it , and be represented as a small mission with a limited penalty scores for traffic rules violations user can choose what types of violations will be considered – all types of violations or only some types.

Each virtual city has its own large and indivisible virtual space. It gives you opportunity to drive from one district of the city to other without extra loading screens. City will be rising gradually with add-ons. Narrow tangled courtyards and multi level car parks with lots of parked cars, impeding the movement, teach driving safely in the modern realities of large cities with dense building and close parking. Interactive detailed city map will help you not to get lost in a big virtual world.

There’re also navigator tips while drive along the route. All cars have full set of controls, including the sound and light equipment. Accurate rules of road control system helps you examine the road situation. And the instructor will give you advices in time of driving. Advanced physics engine provides with high realism of driving.

Maximum speed corresponds to real car prototypes. And a mathematical model of a car engine simulates: friction force, inertia, realistic work of the starter and many other parameters. Support for both manual and automatic transmission covers drivers of all type of vehicles. Transmission operates realistic and has all the relevant modes. Smart traffic AI not always follows the rules as in life. Traffic cars are physical, they’re able to collide with player’s car or with each other.

Traffic density and its "aggression" can be adjusted in the game settings. Trams participate in road traffic on a par with cars. The virtual city has several tramways. Pedestrians look like alive and behave accordingly, sometimes crossing the road in the wrong places.

The virtual city has lots of supervised and unsupervised crosswalks used by pedestrians. Pedestrian density also can be adjusted in the game settings. High-quality graphics is confirmed by the screenshots. Cars have shadows, highlights, reflections. Road becomes wet and greasy after rain. Asphalt is very realistic. You can see the screenshots here. All cars get visible damage, when collide. Sound effects are realistic and improve immersing in the driving process. There are such effects as the sound of the slipping wheels, etc.

Easy-to-use controls are intuitive, and the wide range of supported devices allows you use a keyboard, mouse, racing wheel, gamepad, joystick or multiple controllers simultaneously. Oculus Rift support brings the realism of driving to a whole new level, completely immersing you in the virtual reality. TrackIR support makes the looking around much easier.

The owners of this device can enjoy all the pleasures of its use. Mirror adjustment allows you to set the optimum viewing angle as well as enhances the realism. There’re also other mods available at our forum , such as: tuning of the physics, road signs, license plates, etc.

But you should be careful because correct program operation with any third-party mod installed is not guaranteed! Virtual world: Each virtual city has its own large and indivisible virtual space. The city can be selected in the menu before the driving start.

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