Class 4 Driving License

Class 4 Driving License

Driving Licence In Singapore

When you’re ready to get your full Class 4 licence, you’ll need to: Pass a Class 4 road test, including a pre-trip inspection test – Provide your driver’s medical exam (fee set by your doctor) after the road test Upon passing your road test, you’ll then hold a full Class 4 licence and can drive for a ride-hailing Size: 42KB.

a foreign driver’s license equivalent to a Class 1 drivers licence, being a licence that has not been cancelled by the RTA or a foreign equivalent authority. The RTA may, by written notice, require an applicant for a learner’s permit to attend at the office of the Authority on a date specified in the notice.

Permits the licence holder to operate Class 4 vehicles.. The handbook contains information about driver’s licence qualifications, how to be a safe driver and many other important subjects that will assist you in passing your driver tests. If you have been driving for many years, the handbook will serve to remind you of your responsibilities as a professional driver and provide .

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Class 4 Driver’s Licence What You Can Drive with a Class 4 Licence When you have your Class 4 Commercial Licence, you have the ability to operate several professional and commercial vehicles that many careers require—from school buses to service vehicles, plus all the vehicles permitted with a full Class 5 licence.

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For Class 5 enrolment – Qualified Driving Licence for Class 4 and Provisional Driving Licence (PDL) for Class 5. Important Note. If you have any serious traffic offences pending against you, you are advised not to apply for a licence. This is because if you are eventually disqualified by court from holding or obtaining a driving licence, the.

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Class 4 licence

Practical driving lessons can only be booked at the counter. The duration of each practical lesson is minutes. Student can book additional practical lessons if required at our counter. Cancellation of practical driving lesson appointments can only be made at our counter. It must be made at least 72 hours in advance from the time of your practical lesson appointment.

If your practical driving lesson falls after a Public Holiday or SSDC rest days, cancellation must be made at least 96 hours in advance. When a cancellation is less than 72 hours, the student will have the option to put up the slot for Try-sell and monitor the status of the Try-sell. If the Try-sell is unsuccessful, the student is required to attend the practical lesson otherwise the booking will be deemed as invalid.

Medical certificate will not be accepted for refund or late cancellation of practical driving lesson. Pregnant student are required to get an approval from their gynaecologist and be certified that they are fit for practical training. Please bring along the letter of certification from your gynaecologist for every practical lesson. Practical Test Student is advised to attend additional revision practical lesson before their practical test. Please be punctual and report 15 minutes early.

Late comers will not be allowed to sit for their practical test. No multiple bookings are allowed across any test centres. There will be NO REFUND inclusive of vehicle rental and warming up fees for absence or cancellation of Traffic Police Test date due to whatsoever reason s Pregnant student are required to get an approval from their gynaecologist and be certified fit for practical test.

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