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Columbus Driving Academy. We know that learning is easier when you have an excellent instructor. That’s why of our instructors have have many years of hands on experience in driver’s education! Our classroom and in vehicle instructors are passionate about the subjects they teach and bring this enthusiasm into their lessons/5(12).

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Driving Schools of Ohio, LLC/ Columbus Driving Academy (hereafter DSOCDA/) agrees to provide the student the following driver’s education program and services based on the Ohio Driver Training Curriculum at the following price: $ PAYMENT PLANS& REFUNDS –Payment plans may be available. Additional fees may apply.

Columbus Driving Academy currently offers the following enrollment options for Teen customers: Silver Program consists of state required 24 hours of physical classroom and 8 hours of in-vehicle lessons after school at either one of the local high schools or in the evenings, weekends or over schools breaks at one of our education centers.

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Columbus Driving Academy currently offers the following enrollment options for Adult customers: Adult Remedial Program consists of the 8 hours of brush up physical classroom training required for adult customers who find themselves needing to satisfy local court requirements for license point credits, DUI, suspensions etc.

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19 reviews of Columbus Driving Academy "A really great driving academy. of the interaction I had with this company was with my instructor, a guy named Floyd. I liked the fact that I had the same instructor for every lesson, it really let you build rapport and for your instructor to get to know you and what you need help with. Floyd was a great instructor.2/5(18).

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Customer Reviews Slide title Great teachers! Wonderful experience with the classes and the drivers ed course. You get all the confidence you need to be on the road. Though your mistakes will be corrected, but in a loving manner that wants you to be better the next time you try that. Give it TWP a try, you will never regret it. I am happy I went this route to learn how to drive. She passed her driving test the first time.

And she has been "correcting" me on things that I should be doing when I am out on the road. Not sure I’m happy about that though Lol! Every interaction was professional. We felt the attention to details and the communication between instructor and student was thorough! Price was great and the instruction excellent.

Instructor’s are very flexible with scheduling. Very thorough as far as getting students prepared for the driver’s exam. Great, friendly, and very educational, they care about your questions and concerns. The instructors made my daughter feel confident! They were patient and very knowledgeable. I loved how they quizzed her. She would study the worksheets they gave her, daily. Smith Slide title "This is a really good driving experience and helped me learn better about traffic laws without being stressed or super nervous.

They really take the time to help you here I especially recommend first time driving adults like myself. The information covered was thoroughly explained and very helpful.

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