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What’s Driving You Crazy?: Unpaved, patchy pothole mess on 64th Avenue west of Ward Road

Email What’s Driving You Crazy? Denver7’s Traffic Expert Jayson Luber explains. The right lane of 64th Avenue as you pass Ward Road going west is one big pot hole, patchy mess, with uneven paving — no paving actually. The left lane is very smooth.

All of the big trucks, landscapers, with their trailers, garbage trucks, etc. There are many people sleeping in homes and an apartment building near 64th Avenue that are woken early in the mornings by all of this loud racket, and they have to put up with it all day. Arvada shares road condition information with CDOT and cooperates with some maintenance issues.

Rachael Kuroiwa, manager of communications for infrastructure for the City of Arvada, said she thinks the difference in condition between the left lane and the right lane is likely due to earlier utility projects in the roadway. This would lead to some differences in road surface.

The goal is for this project to start in summer of State Highway 72 is an original s state highway that runs from northwest metro Denver area to the foothills. Denver7 traffic anchor Jayson Luber says he has been covering Denver-metro traffic since Ben-Hur was driving a chariot. We believe the actual number is over 25 years. He’s obsessed with letting viewers know what’s happening on their drive and the best way to avoid the problems that spring up.

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