Doctor Driving Game

Doctor Driving Game

Dr. Driving

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This new racing game features intense 3D graphics from a first-person point of view. Gone are the days of slow driving and long waits. With Dr. Driving you have the latest and greatest cars right in your hands. Cruise through busy city streets as you attempt to be the first one across the finish line. Burn up the streets with Dr. Driving today /5.

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Part A: the public road Lesson 1: The public road and the carriageway This first lesson is freely accessible to everyone. The difference between a public road, a public area and a non-public area A public road A public road is a public place such as a street, a bridge, a tunnel, a path, a dirt track, a square, a motorway etc.

Pedestrians, people with pack or draught animals or herding livestock and cattle are also allowed on some public roads or parts of the public road. We do not have to explain to anyone why we want to ride there. A public area A public area is a public place such as a parking of a restaurant or a petrol station where we only go to when we really need to be there for something. A Non-public area It is a private property such as a practice ground of a driving school or a factory parking. We are only allowed to drive there if we have a special permit or a licence.

Where traffic regulations wegcode apply The traffic regulations only bind on the public road. For traffic rules violations committed on the public road, you get a fine. But you cannot do what you want on a public area or a non-public area. For certain violations you commit regarding alcohol abuse, an accident with casualties or driving without driving licence etc.

A private road private weg Roads with a ‘Private property’ sign are not public roads. The traffic regulations do not apply here except when the owner gives permission for his property to be used by everyone. Tram drivers Tram drivers do not have to follow the traffic regulations, except: the orders of an authorized person; the traffic lights.

Different parts of the public road Some people think that the public road is only the hardened surface where the cars ride. But that is incorrect. Also the cycle lane, the soft or hard verge, the raised verge, the central reservation and the pavement or a footpath are parts of the public road. Usually the boundaries of a public road are a canal or a private property. The carriageway What the carriageway is The carriageway is the hardened surface of the public road designed for the use of vehicular traffic where vehicles such as a car, a bus, a moped and an agricultural vehicle are allowed to drive.

Cyclists and moped class A riders may use the carriageway when there is no cycle lane. A continuous white line along the edge of the carriageway Sometimes there is a white line painted along the edge of the carriageway. This line marks the edge of the carriageway and has no other meaning.

Where you have to drive Drivers should drive as far as possible on the right of the carriageway. You are not allowed to drive in the middle or to the left of the carriageway for no reason. This is a traffic offence.

Normal maximum speed on a carriageway The maximum speed limit on a regular carriageway is: In the Flanders: 70kph. In Brussels region: 70kph. Some important issues concerning driving and the driving licence When you are not allowed to drive on the public road with a temporary driving licence from Friday night 22h00 till Saturday morning 06h00 from Saturday night 22h00 till Sunday morning 06h00 from Sunday night 22h00 till Monday morning 06h00 from the night before a legal holiday 22h00 till the morning of that holiday 06h00 from the evening of a legal holiday 22h00 till the morning of the next day 06h00 How to hold the steering wheel while driving Correct Wrong Wrong While driving, you have to hold your both hands on the steering wheel clockwise ‘ten to two’ or ‘a quarter to three’.

Keep your arms slightly bent. This way you can make the necessary small movements at the steering wheel to the left or to the right without removing your hands from the steering wheel. You can get your driving licence back when you get a certificate from the doctor that says you can drive again.

Traffic signs concerning this lesson Sign.

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