Dreaming About Driving A Car

Dreaming About Driving A Car

Driving A Car Dream Meaning

Driving a white car in a dream predicts taking part in some pleasant events; driving a red car is a symbol of love adventures. A red car can also be a sign of changing life priorities. If the car you dreamed about was quite expensive, this is a sign of luck in material issues.. If you often dream that you are driving a big car, then you should reconsider your attitude towards loved ones.

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Driving After Stroke

What Does It Mean When You Dream About a Car Being on Fire?

When you dream of a car accident or crash, it may point towards fear or conflict. This dream may be telling you to slow down before you hit disaster. It is important to rethink or re-plan your course of action and set yourself on a better path to avoid burn-out. A dream that you are in a car crash with another car may symbolize that your beliefs, way of life, or goals are conflicting with another’s or you are having an inner tug-of-war. It may also represent an experience you have had that was shocking to you and left an impression that changed how you think or feel about the world, where you are headed, or how you approach life.

A dream that you have been rear-ended could mean that something from your past is still impacting you now in some way. You need to learn from the past and acknowledge something that is holding you back in order to move forward. Dreaming about a car dealership may indicate that you’re trying to decide on your purpose and direction. You are trying to figure out your purpose, set goals, and decide on a direction in life.

Explore your personal experiences in car dealerships. Have you struggled to find what you need or want? Do you feel pressured or manipulated into buying a car you do not want or cannot afford? How do your answers to these questions translate to other areas in your life right now? A Dream of Car Fire Dreaming of a car fire may represent two different sentiments and depends upon context and the feelings the fire evokes in the dreamer. The car fire could represent intense anger associated with one’s life path and choices that have led to the current position.

This is often also associated with anger and defiance towards authority and resentment towards others with power and control. Fire can also be cleansing and renewing. Perhaps you have realized you were on a dangerous path and need to make a drastic change. Perhaps you have been reckless, have hit rock bottom, or need to give something up and start over again. This is a symbol often dreamed by substance abusers and may relate to the phoenix within mythology.

Carjacked in a Dream To dream that you have been carjacked may show you that things are not going as planned. Have you lost direction in life? Are you being pulled in the wrong direction? Do you feel circumstances in life have forced you on a different course? Are you allowing something or someone outside of yourself to control your life?

Car Parts in Dreams Car battery: This symbol tends to relate to your stamina and energy. A dead battery suggests you are overworked and fatigued. You need to slow down and "recharge your batteries" or you run the risk of burning out. Car radiator: This symbol may be showing you that you need to cool off. You are getting too worked up over something. Carburetor: If you have knowledge of cars and what a carburetor actually does, this symbol could represent emotional, spiritual, and physical balance.

Gas tank: Dreaming of a gas tank shows that you need to take an inventory of your energy. It is important to take care of yourself in order to have the continued strength to persevere through your individual journey. Dreaming of an empty gas tank means you are running out of gas in real life and need to relax, recharge, and regain your strength. Dreaming of a full gas tank shows you that you are prepared for the long journey ahead.

Handles: If a dream is focused on car handles, it may be showing a few things. Based on context, you may be contemplating a major shift in direction or making a major change in life. A handle also may represent a feeling that one cannot escape one’s need to continue on this current path. It may indicate a need for a break from goals and a need to replenish energy and spirit before continuing.

Horns are typically used to avoid dangers on the road by alerting others to your presence. This may relate to a situation in your current life. Steering wheel: Dreams that focus on the steering wheel show how much control you feel you have in your life and the direction it is taking. Driving a car with a steering wheel that is not working means you feel a loss of control.

Tires: Tires are like feet: they take us where we need to go. If our tires are working well, it shows us we believe we have all that we need to continue on our journey. Missing tires shows us we feel unprepared for what is ahead and simply do not have what it takes to get there. A flat tire may show us that we are wearing out or have lost some of our ability to continue on due to emotional trauma or the psychological effect all the bumps in the road have had on us.

Trunk: Dreaming of a trunk of a car represents your emotional baggage. What is in the trunk? The trunk may refer to what is always in the back of our mind and could also refer to what in our past is influencing us now. The trunk may symbolize what unconscious influences we have that are impacting our journey.

Window: To be focused on the car window could mean you are reflecting about your life and current choices. Being unable to roll up the windows of your car shows that you not only may feel you cannot fully protect yourself from the elements but are also hesitating or showing some reservation about the direction that you are taking in life or the path that you have chosen.

Wipers that are not working properly may show that you are not seeing yourself or a situation clearly. Something is hidden from your view either because it is unconscious or you have ignored or repressed it. Driving in the rain or a storm with wipers that are working well shows that you are able to weather the storm and able to see through challenges and keep your focus on your ultimate goals. If you dream about a carriage rather than a car, consider whether you might be clinging to nostalgia.

Sean via Flickr Commons Carriage in a Dream Seeing an old-fashioned carriage in your dream could mean that your beliefs and ideas are a bit outdated themselves. Perhaps your traditional ways have moved into being a bit stuck in the past. It may mean that parts of your life that you cling to are becoming obsolete and no longer of use to you. This symbol suggests a clinging to nostalgia and a possible reluctance to change and evolve.

The carriage may also relate to fairy tales, depending upon the context. Does your life resemble a fairy tale? Seeing a carriage in a dream demands further exploration in what works for you now in order to achieve your dreams. Carwash in a Dream Dreaming that you are at a carwash suggests that you need to clean up your self-image and that you are ready to make a fresh start. Golf Cart in a Dream A golf cart in your dream may show that you are too cavalier or careless in the pursuit of your personal goals and that you have no sense of urgency in things.

This may also mean your goals and efforts have been superficial and that your pursuits have been childish or materialistic. Go-karts are generally positive symbols in dreams. Cajie of Flickr Go-Kart in a Dream A go-kart in a dream could represent your ability to navigate through life’s course with all of its difficult twists and turns.

The dream may also be a pun on your "drive" and aspirations. Haunted Car in Dreams A haunted car in your dream represents unfinished goals. Perhaps obstacles and influences on the way have changed your life’s path so much that your former goals and pursuits are now haunting you as you progress on a different path. This could relate to jobs, relationships, or other areas of life. Industrial Vehicles Industrial cars and trucks in dreams symbolize physical labor and the amount of working you are doing or need to do on your current path.

Parked cars represent going nowhere, which could be viewed both positively and negatively. David Sky Parked Car in Dreams Seeing a parked car in a dream may mean you are stuck and life has stalled: you are going nowhere fast. This could have negative and positive meanings. If you need a break, a detour from your current path perhaps a break from work? If you have goals and dreams that you are attempting to accomplish, then this symbol may mean your focus needs to be channeled differently.

Have you been waiting for things to come to you or land in your lap? A parked car is rather passive and may relate to you being too passive in your life. Perhaps you have been "spinning your wheels" and need a fresh start with a new approach. You are undecided about what you want to do with your life. If you dream about a police car, consider whether you’re struggling against self-imposed rules.

You may be experiencing inner turmoil and may need intervention. A police car may also represent rules and restrictions you are imposing on yourself and your life. Race cars in dreams may mean that you’re driven, but beware of the dangers of taking life on too fast. Depending upon the context of the dream, this could also be a warning that your current pace is dangerous and there is potential to spin out of control. Race cars can indicate a competitive, headstrong, and driven nature.

If there are two race cars racing each other, it could also show two competing ideas or goals that are currently on your mind. Standard or Stickshift Transmission in a Dream Dreaming of a car that isn’t automatic but instead has a standard transmission may show you feel the need to control many small details of your life. This feeling may be associated with your current burdens or insecurities that cause you to want to over-control things.

Having a dream that focuses on automatic transmission may mean you feel everything falls into place and is working as planned. If the automatic transmission in your dream is faulty, it may show that your plan is not working, you feel setbacks are out of your control, and you’re having difficulty overcoming them. Stolen Car in a Dream Having your car stolen in a dream often reflects a feeling of being robbed of who you are, your identity, and the power you have to get to where you need to go in life.

This not only reflects a sense of loss but also a sense of feeling stripped of your power which leaves you feeling stranded without the ability to get to where you need to go. This may relate to big areas in life such as occupation, significant relationships, or some other situation that has been significant and self-defining for you. There is an element of play and planning for the real thing in this type of dream. Depending upon the feelings associated with the dream, this could be a symbol of preparation or it also could be a symbol of immaturity and skirting adult-life responsibilities.

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