Driving 2016

Driving 2016

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In Driving School you’re put behind the wheel of racing cars, buses, trucks and more. Drive them through cities, mountains, all kinds of roads, deserts or huge highways. Choose a car and an environment, and drive without time limits/5(43).

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Vehicle Interior: When it comes to realistic Experience in terms of interior, nothing can beat driving school in It gives you an in-depth super realistic interior 5. Peculiar experience Yes, you read it right, there are some peculiarities of driving school It takes your realistic Experience to a whole nee level with the realistic damage system.

The damage you shall receive after crashing into any fence or accident will be realistic. Controller The best feature of the driving school is the changeable controls. You can use the tilt steering feature to use your mobile screen to move the vehicles.

Or you can use the manual transmission mode to change the shift every time. Android TV This game allows you to play it on the big screen. If you are tired of playing the game on your narrow android screen you can play this game on your Android tv. You can use the gamepad to run this driving school to get the maximum thrill out of it. Achievements and leadership boards There are an online achievement and leadership board where you can check your position among other players.

You can secure your 1dt position among all the players and get the achievement at the end of the day. Licenses You can have different licenses to drive different vehicles like truck busses or cars. You can use these vehicles to roam freely in countries, cities, or other destinations.

Or you can use these cars to run a race with other players in challenges mode. Gameplay of the game DS16 Driving school has very interesting and dynamic gameplay. It offers you a long range of vehicles from cars to trucks and busses. You can sit behind the rare view of the interior of those beautiful vehicles and drive them the way you want.

Use tilt steering to move your car in any of your desired position. In manual transmission mode, you can use on-screen steering, a shift stick, an on-screen clutch and brakes to get a real-time driving experience. Players can roam in the city under super realistic weather conditions following their map. They can also invite their friends to play with them in free play mode.

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