Driving A Golf Ball

Driving A Golf Ball

Golf Ball Lands On Car Driving On South Bay Freeway

The closed face sends the ball left. The way to avoid that is to keep turning your whole body toward the target. Shift to your left side to start down, feeling like your chest points to .

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Marcus Armitage sets a world record for farthest golf shot into moving car

Changing your setup can rid you of pop-ups for good. And usually, it happens because I tee the ball too high … or so I thought. But after a recent breakthrough during a lesson, I learned what actually causes a pop fly off the tee. For me, a pop-up always happened when I got a little too aggressive on the tee box and tried to tee the ball up and smash it. This would normally end with me sheepishly watching as the ball rocketed straight into the sky.

But then, I had a breakthrough moment. The answer was simple. Because I was getting too steep the root of many problems when it comes to the golf swing. I needed to get shallower as the clubhead approached the ball in order to make the low point closer to the ball. But how can you do that? The fix is rather simple, and it all starts in the setup. When setting up to the ball, move the ball a touch forward in your stance.

Check out an example of the fix below from instructor Nathalie Filler.

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