Driving A Van

Driving A Van

What Is Considered A Straight Truck? (with Pictures)

Planning and preparation is key when it comes to driving a van for the first time. Before you set off, make sure you have your route – and an alternative route – mapped out on the sat-nav. Driving along unknown roads or getting lost can send your stress levels through the roof and in turn impact on your safety – so make sure you know how you’re getting from A to B!

In many ways, driving a minivan is substantially the same as any other vehicle. However, a minivan does have a unique size and shape, including a shorter engine space, or "nose," which affects spacing while driving and parking. Additionally, all of the driver’s controls are generally installed exclusively on the steering wheel column, as opposed to between the driver and Author: Jodie Toohey.

What Is Considered A Straight Truck? (with pictures) – CDL Training Spot

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Weight limits of a van The weight limit of your vehicle, is not something you ever really consider when driving a car. Securing your load It might seem obvious but you need to make sure whenever you travel in your van, that the load you are transporting is secured.

In the event of an accident the contents of your van could end up in the cab at the front with you. This could end up causing unnecessary injuries to you and others. We would always recommend loading whatever you have in the cargo area evenly. With the heaviest items at the bottom.

Parking If you are looking to find a parking spot to load, then look for yellow vertical lines on the kerb. If you see 2 vertical lines, then this means no loading at any time. If you see one vertical line, there will be certain restrictions that apply that can be found on a sign nearby. Some roads where loading happens frequently will have specific loading bays.

Any specific restrictions will also be mentioned on the sign. You can find a walk around checklist on gov. Amelia S,Copy and Content Executive Bringing you information on how to look after your vehicle, save money and enjoy your life on the road. The FLA promotes best practice in the motor finance industry for lending and leasing to consumers and businesses. Moneybarn is the trading style of Moneybarn No.

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