Driving Across America

Driving Across America

How Long Does It Take For A Road Trip Across America?

Gear up for the perfect road trip adventure with The Open Road! With a fold-out souvenir map and the top 50 road trips across the U.S., this handsome travel guide offers strategic lists and routes organized by region. Choose from lists of the best coastal drives, cross-country journeys, trips for kids, awe-inspiring views, and more.

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Road trips are as much a summer tradition as barbecues, fireworks, and clambakes. Packing up the car and heading off for adventures unknown makes for some of the fondest travel memories, especially if the trip involves stopping to explore attractions along America’s iconic roadways. In honor of the great American road trip, here’s a guide to some top attractions along .

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Using a carefully calculated algorithm, it would take about nine days of driving – or total hours – to complete the 13,mile (22,kilometre) journey across the United States, according to Randy Olson‘s politedriving.com: Luke Abrahams.

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2021 Staff Pick: Notes On Driving Across America

I did it at a leisurely pace and ate hot chicken in Nashville, barbecue in Texas, a Sonoran hot dog in Tucson and tacos in Southern California. The time in Los Angeles passed without much trouble, and then it was time to head home. Screenshot: Google Maps I was expecting that to go how it had gone on the westbound trip, a nice, slow stroll home. I was expecting there to be plenty of maskless morons, too, like there had been in parts on the way to California looking at you, Texas.

That began pretty much as soon as I escaped LA and got into the desert. In eastern Colorado, where it turns into farm country, few people could be bothered. Which, you know, I grew up in a conservative part of Ohio so I thought I would be well-equipped to deal. But have you ever been to Nebraska?

It is fucking endless! And then you get to Iowa, and that is endless too. I felt attacked from all sides — the bullying tractor-trailers on the highway, the flatness, the cold, the constant anxiety about where it would be safe to piss. Which is how I found myself at a rest area somewhere outside of Kearney, Nebraska, having a panic attack. There were still hours and hours ahead on the road, and I was bored and depressed and frightened that I might do something irrational — intentionally driving off the road was one possibility — just to mix things up.

After about 45 minutes at the rest area, I gathered myself and continued on, sometimes driving on local roads to avoid the interstate. Route 30, which was slow going, especially in the exurbs of Chicago, but I told myself that it was the historic Lincoln Highway and thus worth it, for Historical Reasons.

I reached Elkhart, Indiana, on the fourth day of driving, an embarrassingly slow pace for someone who used to pride himself on driving double-digit hours at a time. I had worried about the Fit breaking down during both cross-country trips, but all the car needed in that time was an oil change.

Instead, I feel a little lame to be confessing that it was me who broke down, probably in some part the consequence of a year of pandemic. Or maybe it was just the consequence of driving alone for days.

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