Driving Age Usa

Driving Age Usa

The History Of Driving Age

The youngest in any state that a driver can obtain a learner’s permit is 14 years .

Driving License In Ethiopia

Driving Age by State 2021

Hover overClick on a tile for details. Driving Age by State Each U. These include speed limits , cell phone use , and seat belt laws. Despite these laws to promote road safety, some states still have the worst drivers. States have adopted graduated license programs to help teens learn and adapt to safe driving.

Each state establishes its own driving laws, and ages can vary greatly. Graduated license programs have been so effective that states are considering adopting similar programs for older teens 18 to year-olds who are becoming first-time drivers. Restricted licenses have regulations on drivers for a period of time after receiving their license, typically anywhere between the first six months to the first year and a half.

Once drivers reach the full license age, they are eligible for a full, unrestricted license. Some states require that the driver must not have been convicted of violating a traffic law with their restricted license to receive their full license. In some states, such as Oklahoma, the law requires drivers to have their restricted license for at least six months and then allows drivers to be eligible for a full license. Restricted licenses can be obtained anywhere from Driving Age by State Show Source.

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