Driving Arcade Machine

Driving Arcade Machine

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Driving Arcade Machines We here at ecAmusements have a variety of stand up and sit down driving arcade machines in stock on a regular basis. We go through each machine one by one and make any repairs needed before they are offered for sale.

CART Fury Championship Racing Arcade Machine Driving Game. Get ready to race in the Turbo-charged world of championship auto racing teams! This officially licensed CART game features ten world-champion drivers including Andretti, Fittipaldi and Montoya, all fighting for the finish on tracks from around the world!

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The KO Drive Twin Driving Arcade Machine is the high speed, anything goes racing video game! This easy to pick up battle-racing game has been designed with multiplayer action in mind.

Overtake Driving Arcade Machine is a street racing video arcade game in which players can play in single or versus mode.

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For our profound customers, we have introduced Driving Arcade Machine, a kind of car race simulation. These products are designed using advanced technology and thus, are great pieces to be used for amusement. Integrated with HD drive and color picture tube, these products are available at market leading prices.

Driving Arcade Machines

Players can enter the game, as it were, to give the player a unique experience like real driving. Brief introduction of the game: 1. Excellent quality, precise positioning, innovative gameplay, easy to use. The pictures in the game are mainly cartoon, and all the visual effects are relatively soft and interesting, suitable for both the old and the young. After investing enough game COINS, press the start button to enter the game and shoot zombies to challenge the level.

Finally, challenge the evil zombie doctor for fun and convert lottery prizes according to scores. The ticket refund system is mature, with perfect functions, simple setup and clear revenue data. Operating instructions: 1. The two buttons in the middle of the console correspond to the game start buttons of 1P and 2P respectively; 2.

After putting COINS, press and hold the trigger button on the gun handle, move the shooting Angle of the gun to make the cursor point at the selected level for shooting, and enter the corresponding level to play the game.

There are four levels. Press the trigger button to achieve single point shooting, long press the trigger button to achieve continuous shooting. Kill different zombie characters will get different points. At the end of the game, lottery machine will set the corresponding lottery according to the points.

Shooting the accelerator during the game can increase the shooting power, but there is a time limit. The screen will appear red when attacked by zombie characters in the game. When the blood bar is near the end of the state, the screen will appear "whether to continue the game with COINS" prompt text. Kill all zombies, pass smoothly, the game is over.

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