Driving Bands

Driving Bands

Driving Band

The driving band or rotating band is part of an artillery shell, a band of soft metal near the middle of the shell, typically made of gilding metal,[1] copper or lead. When the shell is fired the pressure of the propellant the metal into the rifling of the barrel, providing a seal preventing the gases from blowing past the shell and engaging with the rifling to spin-stabilize .

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The technical field of the invention is that of slipping driving bands fitted to projectiles of any caliber fired from a rifled barrel. The slipping driving band according to the invention consists of a driving band boby 8 and a front ring 7 arranged in a circumferential groove 6 of the projectile 1 and separated by an axial gap 12, and is characterized by the fact that the bottom of the Author: Francois A. Chiarelli, Jean-Louis R. Chazeirat.

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The rotating band has three essential functions: [2] Center the rear end of the projectile in the gun barrel. Seal the bore to prevent burning powder gas from moving through the rifling grooves past the projectile. Engage with the rifling of the barrel to spin the projectile and stabilize its flight. Characteristics[ edit ] The shell is stabilized for yaw in the barrel by a smaller bourrelet band near the front of the projectile.

This band keeps the projectile travelling straight in the bore supported by the lands between the rifling grooves, but doesn’t engage the rifling. Tougher alloys like cupronickel may be used on major-caliber projectiles. Rotating band width of about one-third of the projectile caliber provides superior performance, but two narrower bands, separated by a short distance, have been used to conserve strategic metals in wartime.

Each band is secured in a dovetailed notch machined into the projectile. Waved ridges, longitudinal nicks, or knurling is machined into the bottom of the notch to prevent the band from slipping around the projectile as the projectile accelerates down the gun barrel. The rotating band is made of a ring of slightly greater diameter than the projectile, slipped into position while thermally expanded, and pressed radially into place with a powerful hydraulic banding press.

The central portion of the band is roughly cylindrical with a diameter slightly larger than the groove diameter of the gun barrel to ensure a tight fit in gun barrels worn by firing previous projectiles. The rear portion of the band may include a flared skirt of even larger diameter in front of a groove to hold the skirt as it is compressed by barrel dimensions.

Freely rotating bands can be used to reduce the spin imparted to the round as is preferable for HEAT warheads or fin-stabilised projectiles fired from general-purpose rifled barrels. Gerald Bull worked extensively on ways to eliminate the driving band, leading to the development of his Extended Range, Full Bore ammunition using an inversion of the pre-cut rifling for his GC howitzer , which is now rapidly replacing older artillery worldwide.

Using plastic as a swage material reduces wear on the barrel’s rifling, and extends the life and average accuracy of the weapon. In a small-arms rifle , the entire bullet is typically covered in copper or another soft alloy, making the entire bullet its own driving band.

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