Driving Blind

Driving Blind

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Driving a Car Blind Driving a car is a common enough motif. It indicates how one is controlling one’s Life. It is not good to be out of control, is it? Last night I dreamt that I had begun to set off on a drive, but then realized that I couldn’t see where I was going.

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Driving Blind. The incomparable Ray Bradbury is in the driver’s seat, off on twenty-one unforgettable excursions through fantasy, time and memory, and there are surprises waiting around every curve and behind each mile marker. The journey promises to be a memorable one. The incomparable Ray Bradbury is in the driver’s seat, off on twenty-one /5(95).

Driving blind: instituting SEP-1 without high quality outcomes data J Thorac Dis. Feb;12(Suppl 1):SS doi: /jtd Authors Jeffrey Wang 1 Author: Jeffrey Wang, Jeffrey R. Strich, Willard N. Applefeld, Junfeng Sun, Xizhong Cui, Charles Natanson, P.

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The short stories in Driving Blind are Bradbury, with a pleasant smattering of ideas: dark fantasy, boyhood sense of wonder, Twilight Zone-esque twist. These 21 stories (4 are reprints) were inspired by a dream Bradbury had in which his /5(26).

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Driving blind is the idea of going down the road, driving forward, but not knowing where you are going or not being able to see. There are two different meanings of the term but both only range in negativity. Driving blind can mean a few different things technically but they all basically fit within the same umbrella. The idea is that for one reason or another, you are driving but do not know where you are going. You may literally be blind to what is ahead of you due to snow or rain or something like that, or you may be in a new area and you are as good as blind because none of the street signs make any sense to you and the surroundings are totally unfamiliar.

Even if you are in familiar surroundings, if it is a new part of the town or if you are in pitch dark you may find yourself driving blind. In any case, the idea is that you are trying to get somewhere but you don’t know where you are going.

This makes for a very clear and coherent dream symbol. If you have a dream where you are driving blind it means that there is a goal that you are striving towards. You have probably been trying to reach it for quite some time, but it was just recently that you realized that there was no way you were going to make it, or you were looking to it for some time and then all of the sudden you forgot to look at the path you were on.

You were so busy looking ahead of you and trying to find out where you would be getting eventually that you lost track of how you were getting there at all and now it suddenly feels like you are driving blind, god knows where.

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