Driving Examiner

Driving Examiner

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How to Become a Driver Examiner. To become a driver examiner, you need a valid driver’s license, a clean driving record, and pass a background check. There are no formal education requirements, but many driver examiners have a bachelor’s degree. You must complete a driver training program where you learn to administer and score the computer.

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DVSA, Driving Examiner, Nick Kimber. I joined the DVSA in after spending eleven years as an ADI. I have Cerebral Palsey and use a wheelchair to get around. I have a keen interest in the direction of the DVSA and road safety. My primary role is to conduct driving tests, making sure people meet the required standard to drive safely on our roads.

Driving examiners are employed by the Driver and Vehicle Standards (DVSA), which is an executive of the Department for Transport. Apply on the Civil Service jobs website when vacancies are being advertised by s earching and applying. This includes an online test at point of application, and you will be asked to write a behaviour question as part of the short .

The Certified Driver Examiner (CDE) Program was finalized and approved in and is the basic component of the International Driver Examiner Certification (IDEC) Program. The testing and licensing of drivers requires a high quality of excellence and .

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A DMV examiner is appointed by the Department of Motor Vehicles to check and assess driving skills of those who apply for driving licenses. It is a relatively relaxed life with predictable workload. As a government employee one gets entitled to a Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins.

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Driving Examiner

Driving Examiner When it comes to taking the driving test, many learner drivers fear the driving examiner. Generally it is a misconception that driving examiners are rude or mean to the learner. Part of the training process for examiners set out by the DVSA is to deal with the public and driving test candidates in an appropriate manner — being polite, clear and professional at all times.

You will of course find rude individuals within all industry sectors, driving examiners being no exception. Role of the driving test examiner A full time examiner will work from 8. Certain examiner may work Saturdays if the work is available and in the summer months, they may finish later if they wish.

A typical day will consist of 7 driving tests. A typical driving test will involve the examiner: introducing themselves to the learner and asking them to sign the car insurance declaration from conducting an eye test choosing a combination of the Show Me Tell Me questions to ask the learner assess the learners ability at independent driving requesting a manoeuvre possibly requesting an emergency stop every one in three tests conducted assessing the learners ability to drive safely, keep good control and take effective observation within a wide variety of road types, systems and conditions Driving examiner marking test sheet Although an examiner has a general set of rules they must abide by for passing or failing a driving test, they can use their discretion in certain situations.

Driving through a red light for example during a test is a failure and nothing can be done to change the outcome. Along with this came the rather stern and cold attitude that many of the police seem to have. Part of the four week driving examiner training course set out by the DVSA is customer focus.

The majority of test candidates are going to be nervous and during the test may be come stressed and unpredictable. At the end of the test, if they have failed candidates on occasions get angry. An examiner has to be able to deal with these situations in a professional manner and to calm the situation.

We do of course hear of many complaining that the examiner was rude or mean to them or generally being cold or impolite. A driving examiners job may become monotonous and perhaps boring after a time which for some, may lead to a less than friendly approach. The role of an examiner can of course be stressful too. Being subjected to lethal driving of learners who are in no way up to test standard, combined with no law making it mandatory for candidates having to take a driving test in a vehicle fitted with dual controls.

Although it must all too easy to become impatient with a learner driver who appears to have no idea what they are doing, there is a fine line between being rude and overly stern. Do driving examiners have a quota There are around driving test centres spread throughout major towns and cities in the UK.

From over driving test examiners, the number allocated to each test centre depends on how many driving tests are conducted each year at a particular centre. Each driving test centre has its own pass rates which are generally related to the area the test centre is located in. An area featuring complex roads and traffic systems along with a high density of traffic will generally have poorer driving test pass rates than a test centre located in a rural area. Although the DVSA state that they do not have a set quota for each test centre, they do measure pass rate statistics for each driving examiner and compare those statistics to examiners who are assigned to the same test centre.

They may of course deliberately pass you too. Driving test appeal The majority of driving test examiners are polite and conduct driving tests in a appropriate manner expected by the DVSA and by test candidates. Ensure you have at hand your driving licence number, practical test booking reference number and if applicable, your theory test pass certificate number. The DVSA will also like to know the type of test you have taken, the date, time, place and the reason for complaint.

It is highly unlikely the DVSA will overturn the decision of the examiner. Essentially, it is your word against the examiners. Driving examiner strikes In the event of any striking action taking by DVSA examiners, there is still a possibility that your driving test may go ahead as the DVSA often employ extra examiners and not all examiners are striking.

Saturdays included as a working day but not public holidays. By doing so, you will retain your test booking fee. If you turn up for your driving test and the test centre is unable to conduct your test, the DVSA will reschedule the test for you and you may also be able to claim out-of-pocket expenses. See here for further details. You should hear from the agency with a new date within 5 to 10 working days. They may have had many driving tests all week and it may start to get a little tedious for them.

After all, they are just human. Bribe driving examiner Although in certain countries, bribing a driving test examiner is relatively common, in the UK bribery is rare. Even in the unlikely chance you know of an examiner who accepts bribes, during a test you are assigned an examiner at random and requesting a particular examiner for your test is not an option. Attempting to bribe an examiner will lead to an immediate test failure and will likely be reported to the DVSA who will investigate and take action.

The situation is likely to lead to a conviction and possible custodial sentence. You do not need to be or have been a driving instructor to enrol. It is essential that you are a person who is able to appropriately deal with a wide range of people.

Test candidates emotions are high during a driving test and failure to some can be devastating which can lead to various emotions and on occasions anger. As there is no law that requires a person to receive a certain quantity of professional driving lessons before taking a test, you will experience a wide range of driving skills from candidates.

These will vary from excellent and safe, to outright dangerous. Your training will of course prepare you to deal with this. You will be expected to interact with test candidates in a calm and professional manner at all times, although becoming overly friendly may prove difficult when it comes to failing people. This is why examiners tend to professional, but reserved.

The job of a driving examiner can be interesting, but to some it may become repetitive. Generally, each test will be similar to the last, but if you like the idea of being out-and-about and meeting new people on a regular basis, becoming a driving examiner may be for you. Information for how to become a driving examiner along with training information, who can apply and the driving examiners salary can be found on the DVSA website. Driving examiners vacancies Driving examiners vacancies if available can be found by visiting the Civil Service jobs website.

This was my second attempt of the test, the first test was at Cowley Road test centre. I found my driving examiner a gentleman called Reagan extremely professional, fair and put me at ease, and I felt completely relaxed. So its a thumbs up from me for Chesterton Road test centre. Good luck for everyone who plans to take a test from here.

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