Driving Factor

Driving Factor

Driving Force

Smith theorized that man’s inherent self-interest would be the driving factor behind development. jw In other cases, political considerations are the driving factor.

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Bottoms answered, “Well, very clearly the threat of an economic boycott is a driving factor. And again, there were various forms of this bill going through the legislature. And so, I believe that once everyone had an opportunity to read the final bill and then to hear the outcry, then it certainly made a difference.

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The driver factor is a 3- decimal point number that represents your risk on the road. The driver factor primarily looks at your driving experience and crash history, as well as whether you are a senior or new resident.

The Driving Factor

In energy monitoring and targeting, a driving factor is something recurrent and measurable whose variation explains variation in energy consumption. The term independent variable is sometimes used as a synonym. One of the common driving factors is the weather, expressed usually as heating or cooling degree days. In energy-intensive processes, production throughputs would Estimated Reading Time: 1 min.

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Driving factors

To be in control requires the ability to purposely create an outcome in a desired time period. These activities were in no way undertaken with the intent, or expectation, of altering our climate. This impact increased 5, years ago with the rise of natural methane levels mainly caused by the introduction of irrigation Ruddiman , Over this large time period of human altered greenhouse gas emissions, the impact of the greenhouse effect has been magnified, leading to warming World Meteorological organization Larry Williams, a climate scientist, used a climate modeling analysis to estimate the effect on the climate that human caused emissions have had.

This conclusion is backed up by the Milankovitch model, showing the natural climate cycles as determined by the earth sun orbit, which corroborates that we should currently be entering a period of glaciation Emanual, n. Instead, we are experiencing unprecedented warming Emanual, n. The global average response time is decades Ruddiman , The lag time for the climate to respond to shifts in greenhouse gas, strips control away from humans and this is largely due to feedback loops.

Feedback loops can either minimize or magnify the effects of a particular change. If humans attempted to stop the global temperature rise, we would face our lack of control as a major impediment. Humans put SO2, which can be harmful to human health, into the atmosphere. If humans were to stop this, we would lose their cooling effect causing warming Ruddiman , Their goal was to better their own living conditions by innovation that made their lives easier.

Humans have continued this quest to improve living conditions through innovation until this day; however, relatively recently it has become obvious that unintended climate change is a negative side effect of these improvements. Humans have directly affected the natural flow of energy on earth through their activities causing the emissions of greenhouse gas. In this way, humans are the driving factor behind the warming climate. But they are not in control of the climate. Such as feedback loops that magnify or mitigate the ultimate response to a specific change in climate.

While humans are not currently in control. By understanding climatic response times and climate conditions that promote healthy environments for all life. Perhaps, in the distant future, humans will limit their emissions to levels that will allow the climate to eventually stabilize. Princeton: Princeton University Press. Emanuel, Kerry. World Meteorological organization.

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