Driving From Cancun To Merida

Driving From Cancun To Merida

The Driving Time From Cancún To Mérida

There are basically two ways you can drive from Cancun to Merida — but the best way to drive to Merida from Cancun is on Highway D (Carretera Cancún – Kantunil). This is a couta, or toll road, and couta roads are always better .

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Cancun to Merida: 6 Best Transportation Options in 2022

This company has an impressive 4. Leave on Your Schedule With the private shuttle, you set the departure time. They will pack up your luggage, and drive you straight to your Merida hotel or Merida Airbnb. Want a luxury car or SUV? Great vehicle. Would recommend this service. Just exit the airport doors and look for someone holding a sign.

Cars are super nice. Driving was great. Totally worth it. Flawless pickup and drop off. Awesome guys, easy to reschedule if you need to. Both of them were great to spend time with and we were very happy with the service. They are punctual and professional. Thank you Argel and Polo! The cars were in decent shape, equipped with water and pillows. They were on time or early, and accommodated changes we asked them to make. They knew their way around both cities.

For car rentals, the best place to get one is in Cancun Airport, as it will have the best selection. When booking a car online, I recommend and do personally use Discover Cars. However, airport rentals simplify the process and save you time. How much are Cancun car rentals?

This is the base price for just the car — not including insurance, taxes, fees, etc. Do I need Mexico Car Insurance? Some people have coverage through a credit card, though this can be a tricky claims process, should you have to use it, so beware if you decline insurance. If you intend to decline insurance, have some information stating your credit card is covering you — as all drivers must have proof of the minimum liability coverage. Some companies will not let you take the car if you decline their insurance, so be prepared with a backup plan.

The Mexico pink lakes of Las Coloradas make for a great Merida day trip. Is it safe to drive from Cancun to Merida? In general, going from Cancun to Merida by car is considered safe. This is a couta, or toll road, and couta roads are always better maintained and safer than free roads in Mexico. Beware of topes in Mexico! Topes pronounced toe-pays are speed bumps, and they can be anywhere, even on highways. Mexico speed limit signs are in kilometers per hour, not miles per hour. Keep your car rental paperwork ie.

While driving Cancun to Merida highways, topes can come out of nowhere — and cause damage to your rental car. They operate a fleet of luxury and premier quality buses, all over the country, not just in the Yucatan Peninsula. In fact, taking the Mexico ADO bus is just as popular as flights in Mexico, especially for off the beaten path Mexico destinations. There is just one departure from Cancun Airport, at pm. The buses you can take on the Cancun Merida route.

There are two buses that go to the Fiesta Americana Terminal at Paseo 60 daily, one at 4pm and another at 5pm. There is only one bus that goes to the Fiesta Americana Terminal at Paseo 60, leaving Cancun Airport at am each day. There is one additional bus that leaves Cancun at pm for the Altabrisa terminal in Northern Merida.

There are several bus terminals in Merida, and you can ask your Merida accommodation which one is closest. They both have some buses from Cancun that stop at them, but the majority of buses only go to the main station, CAME Merida. Note: The Paseo 60 terminal used to be located at the Fiesta Americana Merida Hotel , which is why you may see this terminal called Fiesta Americana, though the terminal is no longer at that hotel. In fact, you may meet other solo travelers and other Merida travelers when traveling from Cancun to Merida on the ADO bus.

The bus is a safe, popular, comfortable and inexpensive option. Is Merida Mexico Safe for Travelers? That would be the MAYAir flight, as the Cancun to Merida flight time is only about minutes, versus four hours over-land.

I am including info on both, and will explain why I say they are the worst options. It is legal, but there are notorious clashes between taxi drivers and Uber drivers — so much so that even locals shy away from Uber. As you approach the airport exit, Cancun taxi drivers will start trying to get you to book with them. Depending on how they judge your appearance ie.

This is what I always do, and highly recommend. If you have the time, stay two nights, and also check out Isla Mujeres off the coast of Cancun. Beautiful Coqui Coqui Merida has a perfume shop and spa, in one of the best boutique Merida hotels. The answer to How far is Cancun from Merida? However, the Merida Cancun drive usually takes about 3.

How far is Cancun Airport from Merida Distance? The Cancun to Merida distance is about miles km. The Progreso Malecon is a beachfront walkway, spanning the length of the beach. The closest beach to Merida is Puerto Progreso. It is about 30 miles 45km from Merida, and the best way to get there is the. There are buses running all day, every hour or so. Is there an Airport in Merida?

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