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What counted was that you were independent, with the freedom to come and go largely as you pleased, offering lifts to friends and discovering exactly why driving is fun. Making memories Sometimes, the pleasure of driving is not actually about the act itself, but the experiences we enjoy along the way. These days, the best family cars are not only safe and sensible; they offer a certain degree of style and sophistication into the bargain, too.

Models such as the VW Golf , the Audi Q7 or the Land Rover Discovery Sport are all fun cars for long-distance driving , meaning you and the little ones can settle in for the ride and relax. It meant taking a trip for pleasure with no motivation other than enjoying a beautiful day, a spot of sightseeing and a picnic lunch. A huge part of what makes driving fun is the opportunity to explore new places and discover fresh sights and sounds.

An off-road vehicle can allow you to do exactly that, and expanding your horizons can help you take further delight in the joy of driving. The psychological benefits of spending time alone are well-documented and driving around for fun is a great way to achieve that. Listening to music or a podcast can prove hugely relaxing, or you might prefer to drive in silence to help clear your head. Scientists found that people who drive for pleasure release higher amounts of a hormone called dehydroepiandrosterone, which counteracts stress.

A study from Columbia University, New York, found that not only could driving boost cognitive function, staving off conditions like dementia, but it may also halt the ageing process. Of course, you need to be comfortable in order to unwind.

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