Driving In Australia

Driving In Australia

Driving In Australia

Australia uses the metric system, so all measurements and speed limits are in kilometres, not miles. You should always drive to suit the weather conditions, but the speed limit in urban areas is 50 kilometres per hour unless otherwise signposted.

Offensive Driving

Drivers in Australia require a valid driving licence. Foreign licences in English are considered.

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The minimum age requirement is depending on which city you are driving in. Australians drive on the left side of the road, something you might have to get adjusted to. However, driving in Australia is no big deal. Roads are well maintained and looked after.

A car is also the best way to visit picturesque places such as Fraser Island and Cape York Peninsula. Speed limits vary and the maximum speed limit is kph on the highways. In the cities the speed limit is around kph. A large number of cities are opting for lower speed limits to prevent accidents. It is mandatory to wear seatbelts and mobile phones are banned while driving. You are also not allowed to park your car facing traffic. If you plan to drive around the out-backs, you must keep your eyes open for the road trains.

These semi-trailers, which are about 50m long, take a long time to stop before they come to an actual halt. Therefore you should keep a safe distance from them and move out of the way if you see one approaching. The land of kangaroos has some very active ones jumping about the countryside. Be extremely careful as they are quite unpredictable and may pop out of anywhere. They tend to jump onto the path of a traveling car. The roads between various cities in Australia, is quite long and overnight stops might become necessary.

If fatigue takes over, make sure to have lots of water and keep yourself hydrated. However, before setting foot on your accelerator, you must take the time to get to know the various roads and highways in the country. It will help make your driving smoother and cause less trouble.

It is illegal to hitchhike in Australia. With all these rules firmly embedded in your mind, drive down the country to enjoy the beautiful country of Australia, mate!

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