Driving In Bali

Driving In Bali

Driving In Bali

We do not recommend renting a car without a driver on Bali. A driver costs you between 10 and 15US$ per day but saves you a lot of hassle. people rent a car for a day-trip to discover the island, do some sightseeing, etc. A full-day sightseeing can be in itself exhausting because there is so much to see and to politedriving.comted Reading Time: 4 mins.

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3. Re: Is Indian driving license valid in bali. 8 years ago. Save. As I do not drive in Indonesia anymore,Yes as said by Fame and D38 unless you have an International License it will not be valid in Indonesia. You will probably have to go and get a local license anyway. Either way good luck and have a nice holiday.

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Well, be assured that driving in Bali is nowhere near the same experience as it is in Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand or the USA. Local drivers tend to follow their own rules, and more often than not they ignore official laws and road courtesy. You will often find that everything has come to a politedriving.comted Reading Time: 4 mins.

Driving in Bali might seem like a daunting task but it’s so much better than relying on motorbike taxis or, god forbid, cars. Renting a scooter gives you the freedom to come and go as you please. Even if you’ve never driven before, riding a scooter is easy: no gears, just a twist of a throttle and two hand brakes.

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In Bali, it is the law to drive with a license, even if you are driving a motorbike. If you plan to rent a motorbike in Bali, plan in advance and get an international driver’s license (and also bring your regular license).. In the U.S. you can get an International Driver’s Permit at AAA for approximately $15USD.

13 Tips for driving in Bali

Last Updated on August 9, by Christine Kaaloa 13 tips for driving in bali Maybe you want to experience Bali like a local. Whatever your taste is, driving in Bali or renting a motorbike there, is the way to go. Many tourists opt to get around by renting a motorbike.

I rented a scooter for a few days to get around and I never regretted it. It allowed me to travel deeper and a little off-the-tourist-beaten-path. Still, there are still things you should know about Bali. In Bali, it is the law to drive with a license, even if you are driving a motorbike. In the U. Ask your hotel or guesthouse the exact location. Of course there are many tourists without the proper papers. Be aware that Bali has crooked police who might pull a tourist over to see if they have proper documentation and if not, they will expect a bribe.

To avoid escalation, pay it without struggle. Start slowly, drive safely. Some road conditions can be bad, with large potholes or loose rocks. The last thing you want is to get into an accident abroad. Instead, they simply pass you. Always wear your helmet My first night in Bali, I witnessed an accident between a two motorbikes. The traffic in Bali is fairly easy-going and lacks intimidation. Still, a helmet is a good safety precaution for any country you plan to motorbike in.

Wear it. Whether or not Balinese people wear one, your lack of a helmet can be a reason for the Balinese police to pull you over and fine you. Drive on the left side of the road. Where are the gas stations? Make Petrol stops: many are sold outside shops 7. That said, beware of traffic on the opposite side of the road occasionally crossing over to your side. Oncoming traffic may be overtaking traffic on their side and hop the divide to do it. Check for traffic crossing on your side of the road 8.

Junctions can feel confusing. Take it slow. Junctions are pretty distinct; a roundabout of cross streets with giant stone statue markers in the center. Nevertheless, the road signs can be small and for a roundabout, this can be stressful. Left turns are easy. The landmarks are not hard to miss, although you might forget to look at the sign. Return before dark Depending on how far in the country you are, streets can get dark at night.

Some roads are lit sparsely, so at times you will be driving off of your bike headlights. As I mentioned before, street sign visibility is challenging at night. I stayed out a little too late one night and had to make a few stops to find people to ask directions. Get a little lost, if you can. You might find that it is not easy to get lost in Bali.

Many tourists get into motorbike accidents abroad, due to carefree vacation mentality and a letting go of responsibilities. They have affordable prices based on country and activities. The last thing you want to do is get hospitalized abroad or god forbid, something worse.

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