Driving In Cuba

Driving In Cuba

Driving In Cuba

Driving in Cuba. Renting a car and driving in Cuba is not as difficult as some comments may lead you to believe. The road from Santiago de Cuba to La Gran Piedra is safe as long as you drive with caution as you would on Cuban roads. There are adequate highway signs while travelling between major cities, e.g. from Santiago de Cuba to Baracoa.

Driving is easy and there aren’t too many cars on the road. Driving is generally best done during the day. Road signs are a luxury, and navigation is done by paper map (not Google Maps). Getting lost in Cuba is an amazing experience – plan to take the country roads. There are two types of gas; you have to get the modern kind.

Cuba – Car Driving Directions

You can drive in Cuba using the photo licence of countries for up to 6 months from the date of your entry into the country. For stays of longer than 6 months you will need to pass a Cuban Driving test to get a Cuban Licence. If you rent a car make sure the insurance includes local third party cover as a minimum as this is required by law.

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Driving in Cuba gives you maximum flexibility both in schedule and destinations you are able to reach. And trust us when we say this is the best way to experience this highly sought-after Caribbean Island.

Get ready for an adventure! This came with no surprise after our trip. To help others experience Cuba on their own, we decided to write down all one needs to know about renting a car and driving in Cuba! Renting a car The first step is renting a car. No need to look for the main international car rental companies as they are not operating in Cuba yet! All the local companies belong to the government. The main differences between them are the name and the customers they target.

We went with Rex and a Renault sedan. The other options are Havanautos, Via and Cubacar. We found the quality to be good and perfectly safe. Cost A downside of the limited availability in cars and models are the prices. Bookings can be made online. A full tank will also be charged at that time. One-way trips are allowed and can be arranged for free depending on the car rental company.

Good to know Cars in Cuba have distinctly colored license plates and rentals have a red background plate. Be aware this will make you easy to spot. Driving and roads The road to Cayo Coco Driving in Cuba is on the right-hand side and the rest is pretty much the same like everywhere in the world. The old single-lane carretera central connects the whole country from west to east. Road quality is acceptable.

In all honesty, we were expecting road quality to be far worse. We only encountered a couple of gravel roads. This includes plenty of animals. We even saw cows crossing the A4! And before you ask why you need signs let us tell you that GPS is not exactly allowed. Yes, still technically forbidden!

The best solution is to do it the old way and buy a decent road map. Quite exciting, right? Just keep it away when not necessary. This is highly likely to happen if you venture outside the main touristy areas. Plus, the probability of finding someone that speaks English in some areas is close to zero. Some useful words:.

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