Driving In Germany

Driving In Germany

Driving In German Cities, Towns And Villages

Driving in Germany can be both an exhilarating and frustrating experience. In a country renowned for its high performance cars and high speed Autobahns, Germany hosts more traffic volume than any nation in Europe and, as a suffers the .

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Driving in Germany only has a few slight differences from driving just about anywhere else in the world. While there are a few small things to know about (such as yeilding to the right to vehicles), for the part, driving in Germany, (yes, even driving on the Autobahn!) is very straight forward and politedriving.comted Reading Time: 8 mins.

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Driving in Germany: Rental Tips

German law requires that all registered automobiles carry third-party liability insurance. Note: Every accident must be reported, without exception, immediately to the insurance company. There are approximately providers of automobile insurance operating in Germany. The willingness among these firms to reduce premiums for safe driving records compiled in the U. Firms in Germany are not obliged to reduce premiums for safe driving histories compiled outside Germany, though many in fact will do so.

In applying for car insurance, the U. Embassy encourages consumers to comparison-shop among a variety of insurers. Mission Germany Driving in Germany Driving in Germany can be both an exhilarating and frustrating experience. Many German traffic regulations differ a great deal from those observed in the United States. It is essential for safety sake to know this rules and to be familiar with the international road signs.

To convert kilometers to miles; drop the 0 and multiply by 6 , e. Mission Germany Autobahn Driving Before pulling into the left lane to pass, check the rear view mirror very carefully as far back as you can see. Cars traveling at km per hour approach suddenly, so when passing, do so quickly and then quickly return to the right lane.

Some impatient drivers flash their headlights, use their blinker, and tailgate to pressure slower cars ahead into moving out of the way. These practices have been outlawed recently, and it is best to ignore this behavior if it is directed at you. Within the city a driver may flash his lights at you as a signal that you may turn into the street or turn left across his lane of traffic, but do so with caution.

In case of a breakdown, look for arrows at the top of the white posts lining the road. Merely lift the handle and an operator will answer. A booklet published by the German Autobahn Authority which includes maps of Germany, rest areas and locations of autobahn service stations is available from them. If your seat belts are not fastened and you are stopped, you can be fined EUR 30, in case of an accident, you run the danger of invalidating your insurance. This could also cost you a fine of EUR Mission Germany Drinking and Driving German law concerning what constitutes driving a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol is different than American law.

It must be understood, however, that there are many variables which alter the effects of alcohol upon a person, i. It is therefore difficult to list all conditions and aspects of what constitutes drunken driving. Under German law it is illegal to operate a vehicle if the blood level is 0. The law imposes a penalty and the withdrawal of the drivers license for specified periods of time depending upon the gravity of each violation.

Mission Germany Right of Way Vehicles coming from the right have the right of way unless signs are posted otherwise. Pedestrians have the right of way as soon as they step into the crosswalk. Beware of cyclists on the bike paths, particularly when you are making a right turn. Mission Germany Parking Parking is generally permitted along the streets, unless there is a sign to the contrary. Signs will show whether parking or standing is allowed or not, and whether you must park with two or four wheels on the sidewalk, or use a parkscheibe.

A Parkscheibe is a double cardboard disc, available at gas stations, which you must use in marked areas of limited but un-metered parking. The disc is set to indicate at what time you parked in a space and is displayed under your windshield.

Failing to do so when required means a EUR 5. The best way to recognize black ice is by surface reflection, but that dull patch just ahead might be ice also. Be especially wary in the early morning or late evening and near or on bridges. If you see the patch, take your foot off the gas quickly. Once on an icy section, do not accelerate, brake, gear down or make any sudden change in direction.

Keep well behind other cars. If starting to lose control, steer toward the edge of the road where residues of sand and salt might help. Mission Germany Snow Chains Snow chains can be rented from gas stations midway through your journey and then dropped off at another station further down the road.

Stop as soon as you think you may need the chains, because supplies are limited at each station.

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