Driving In Italy

Driving In Italy

A Beginner’s Guide To The Insanity Of Driving In Italy. Sort Of.

While there are many places around Italy where you can have a memorable Ferrari Driving Experience, from renting a coveted sports car by yourself and driving along the Amalfi Coast to sitting alongside a professional driver while he whisks you around one of Italy’s famous race tracks, nothing beats a Ferrari Test Drive in Modena – the home of Ferrari and .

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Americans visiting Italy as tourists and intending to drive should obtain an International Driving Permit before leaving the U.S. If the permit expires while abroad, you may apply for a new one by mail through the American Automobile Association (AAA), Worldwide Travel Dept., AAA Dr., Heathrow, FL , tel. () , fax () Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins.

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Driving in Italy to explore cities and towns can be one of your unforgettable memories, assuming you comply with all the requirements and follow the driving rules. One of the requirements for driving in Italy is an international driver’s permit (IDP). An IDP is a travel document that allows you to drive in a foreign politedriving.comted Reading Time: 9 mins.

Italy and Vatican City – International Driving Permit

Driving in Italy can be a stressful experience especially if it’s not in the you speak or the side of the road you drive on. Personally, as long as it’s not city driving it’s well worth getting a car in Italy to explore the towns and regions. As a tourist, it’s always great to study up on the rules of the road before renting a Estimated Reading Time: 10 mins.

Driving in Italy: all you need to know

And therein lies great driving. As long as you know a few simple rules first. If you can tell me the name of the street the definitely not a Chrysler is driving down, you belong in a government lab somewhere. At first she looked at me wide-eyed in shock that I would ever attempt such a thing, and then she looked at me wide-eyed in horror as if I had just told her I only feast on the faces of bugs.

Adventures can be fun, bringing you new experiences and filling you with a sense of personal exploration. Streets, especially narrow ones in cities, can often be poorly marked. I was able to download the maps for the entire country over WiFi, and it still provided turn-by-turn navigation. Oh, and HERE is the wildly inexpensive price of free. Of course not. Half-right is for half-people. Try again. Some signs will make sense to you, and some signs will simply tell you to quit with all the bugling.

Native Italians please, for the love of all that is holy, feel free to chime in. The speed limit on the Autostrada tends to be aboue kilometers an hour, or about 80 MPH. Super great. You know how rare it is to find a speed limit that high outside of the middle of nowhere in Texas? Incredibly rare. And with all the speed cameras smothering the entire highway network, I expected everyone to be totally satisfied with that nicely quick speed limit.

And yet, I found myself dumbfounded. Here I was, tootling along at 80, in the right hand lane, when a Smart car with a wheezy diesel engine would come blasting past me at what seemed like MPH, likely taxing that wheezy diesel to the absolute limits. Speed cameras? Tutor system? Actual caribinieri? None of these things seemed to matter. I saw some cows. Tailgating is a way of life.

Use the left lane to pass, and for nothing else. And there you have it.

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