Driving In Korea

Driving In Korea

Top 10 Tips For Driving In Korea

A drivers license applicant must: Attend a safety training, Have their vision checked (or present documentation of a comparable check by a designated Korean hospital or doctor), Take a written test, Take a driving course test, and Take a road test.

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North Korea actually makes its own cars. Founded in , Pyeonghwa Motors in Nampo is an auto-manufacturing and retail joint venture between South Korea’s Pyeonghwa Motors (owned by Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church). Interestingly this is the ONLY private ad you will see in Pyongyang. For more info on this car, check out our blog.

7 rows · Driver Licensing Procedures. USFK Driver Licenses are issued at the service .

Other hazards on Korea roadways are created by nature. Two of the more notable ones are potholes, created by the winter freezing and thawing File Size: KB.

Top 10 Tips for Driving in Korea – GRRRLTRAVELER

You drive in South Korea on the Right side. The currency in South Korea is KRW. To rent a car is 21 years and to drive is 18 years of Current fuel price in South Korea €/Ltr.

Last Updated on November 10, by Christine Kaaloa. Driving in Korea. I never really thought of it until a bunch of expats and myself had to take to the road in order to squeeze a long distance trip into a weekend. However, there are things about the Korean highways and gps devices that you may want to know about. On a recent weekend road trip from Daegu to Mt. Seoraksan a hour drive , these are some things I discovered… 10 Things to know before driving in Korea.

Koreans drive like Americans … on the right side of the road. CCTV is watching the roads all the time. How regular? Also, certain stretches of road are clocked. How can you know what the allotted time is? Get a Korean GPS! See Converted, the speed limit is actually mph… just like driving on a Los Angeles freeway!

Highway signs are bi-lingual. Thank God. Road signs directing you to upcoming exits and off-shoot routes are written in both, Korean and English. When in doubt, hit the hazards! Koreans have a special sign they use to warn neighboring drivers of caution ahead- they flash their hazard lights. If Koreans hit a hard break, they flash their hazards, signaling a strong or last-minute stop. Korean cars have entertainment systems What would Koreans do without TV?

Taxis watch them as they drive, buses and trains often have them and every small mom-n-pop shop, salon and restaurant runs them to keep clientele and employees occupied. Just call me the stealthy Speed Racer. Korea GPS devices detect speed-tracking surveillance cameras!

Your screen might even flash a bright alarm to inform you of the speed limit you must slow to. Korean gps: the left side of the panel displays alternate destinations and their distance. You can go anywhere the road s takes you, with information at your fingertips. How far are you from Busan, Seoul or Daegu?

What highways can you take to get there? The con of this feature : While universal icons for landmarks are an aid, names i. Does the Korean gps break the language barrier? Sorry, it would seem not. If you rent your car from an international dealer, like Hertz or Avis, your gps might come with optional English settings. Otherwise, be advised you might be getting one that speaks and writes in Korean.

My advice? Would you want to be driving in Korea?

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