Driving In Scotland

Driving In Scotland

What’s Driving Excess Death In Scotland? Spoiler Alert: It’s Not Covid.

Yes, in Scotland, cars drive on the left side of the road. For those of us who aren’t used to that, that sounds terrifying, like having to learn how to drive all over again (and who wants to do that on vacation?!?)Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins.

Three Second Rule Driving

American Driving in Scotland

I agree that Scotland is the easiest, followed by Ireland, and the England due to the traffic. I have always rented an automatic, but this time I’m going for a manual. I’ve driven a stick shift here and on the Continent, so I’m going for it. Wish me luck.. When sitting behind the wheel on the right side, driving on the left just seems natural. I would rent a small car though.

Sometimes judging where the left edge of the car is located can be tricky. The larger the car, the harder that is to judge. Just go slow if in doubt especially in small towns where people park every which way. The other thing that I never quite get comfortable with is backing. Looking over my left shoulder just seems awkward.

Again, just go slow and have your wife help you watch. Read online about using roundabouts. The rules are pretty simple. Cars already in the roundabout have the rightaway and will be approaching from your right. Pay attention before getting to the roundabout as to where you are going. There are big signs before each one outlining the exits.

You cannot always just go round and round if you miss your exit. Many have multiple lanes, with each lane designated for a specific road and exit. If you are in the wrong lane, just go ahead and exit then turn around when you can and have another go at it. Rural intersections can be dangerous because there may be no cars ahead of you to guide your path. You probably won’t see as many intersections as roundabouts though.

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