Driving In Spain

Driving In Spain

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What driving licences can you use in Spain? All European Union driving licences and international driving licences are How do you rent a car? To rent a vehicle in Spain, you must be at least 21 years old and have a valid driving licence. What are the important rules? In Spain, we drive on.

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Compulsory items. Illegal parking. Police. The impression that immediately springs to mind at the thought of driving on the Spanish mainland is of reckless, testosterone fueled, suntanned Hispanic males recklessly forcing your rented Fiat Cinquecento careering off a remote mountain road, into a dry riverbed feet below.

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But a self-drive road trip through Spain allows you to visit off the radar places and explore local traditions like joining the olive oil harvest in the mountains. From the beaches to the snowy peaks of the Sierra Nevada, driving through Andalusia really is Reviews: 1.

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From appreciating the exquisite art, refreshing yourself with sipping on the espresso coffee, eating the authentic paella, and the delicious tapas, Spain is definitely worth putting on your travel list to visit.

Indeed, the best way to explore this country by driving the roads and experience the stunning views of all this beautiful memorable and enjoyable country has to offer. Spain as a country a beautiful blend of sun, sea, sand and sangria on one side of life there, on the other side the beautiful cities filled with museums, churches, historic sites, shops filled with art, and at the forefront fashion, the warm hearted people are ready with smile to welcome you.

The islands off the South and East Coast of Spain are spectacular and offer you the tranquility and serenity of life on the beach offering you rugged coastlines, golden sandy beaches, and amazing restaurants with spectacular views of the Atlantic. The country is famous for its food, culture, crazy adventure activities like running with the bulls, enjoying in the city of Barcelona, relaxing on the pristine beaches of Spain. Self-driving is the best option to embark on the unforgettable journey of Spain.

Self-driving allows you to explore some hidden gems of the country within your comfort and without any urgency or fixed schedule. Here are some of the rules, tips and suggestions that can help you enjoy an amazing road trip. Exploring Spain by road can be a memorable experience. The roads in Spain are fast and smooth and gives you an exciting experience. Spanish roads are well maintained and are devoid of any crazy traffic.

The fuel in Spain is also comparatively cheaper than in other European countries. Reputable car rental agencies require you to carry proof of a photo identity. The driver must also possess a native driving license for at least a period of 1 to 2 years. Renting a Car in Spain Renting a car in Spain can be flexible and easy if you approach an authentic and reliable rental car company. The minimum age for renting a vehicle is 21 years of age, you will have to provide a valid driving license and a copy of your passport.

It is advisable to book your rented vehicle before you visit the country. You can always check online and compare the prices of different rental agencies. Make sure to check with your rental company things like pick up and return times of the vehicle, please ensure you read all the documents so as not to miss anything in relation to their policies around accidents etc.

When picking up you vehicle make sure to check the car for dents and scrapes as you may end up paying for them on your returning the car! You can always opt and chose for extra insurance coverage for your security. Rental Insurance The laws as per the Spanish government requires every rental vehicle to have compulsory third party CTP insurance.

The car rental agency usually takes care of this and whenever you rent a car, they provide you with a copy of that agreement. It is very much useful in case of accidents, or when your car breaks down. The person driving should always be cautious of the speed limit as numerous speed cameras can note your vehicle speeding and you can be charged with hefty fines.

The minimum speed limit is indicated on a round blue sign with the maximum speed limit depicted by a round sign with a red border. The roads in Spain can be categorized as below: a Motorways or Autopistas: The motorways in Spain are indicated by a green and blue sign. The motorways have service centers that have basic amenities like petrol filling stations, cafeterias, toilets, telephones, and restaurants.

There are no major signposts and no protection on the side of the roads. If you are not confident driving on the roads of Spain then it will be wise not to take these secondary roads. Parking Laws in Spain As an international driver Spain is it important to follow the strict parking laws. Driving Laws in Spain Driving in an unknown country can be a daunting for some, so here are a few driving laws that will help ease you into enjoying your international driving experience.

The penalties and charges are hefty and the repercussions can result in you losing your driving license. As per Article 18 of the General Traffic Laws, the driver must be seated in a comfortable and proper position while driving the vehicle. If you are seen driving the vehicle barefoot or with flip flops then you might be fined Euros, as it is understood that the vehicle cannot be controlled properly if you are not wearing the appropriate footwear.

Horns should only be used in case of emergencies, or in case you witness any driver not following the laws. Honking unnecessarily can cost you Euros. Spain is an amazing country with a never-ending list of interesting things that will fill your soul with joy and happiness. If you decide to visit Spain, then make sure to explore its beauty at its best and that can only be possible by driving an amazing road trip.

We hope that these tips and suggestions help you decide upon the best possible rental options and gives you an idea about the preparation you need to undertake before choosing to drive on the roads of Spain for an amazing vacation.

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