Driving In Sri Lanka

Driving In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Driving Guide 2022

Driving in Sri Lanka is a challenge given the poor standards of driving from locals. They drive on the left as in the UK so that will help British drivers. Animals, people, bicycles and more often choke streets in the cities so allow plenty of time for travel.

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Sri Lanka Distance Chart (Distance Table): For your quick reference, below is a Distance Chart or Distance Table of distances between some of the major cities in Sri Lanka. [Note: The distance between cities in Sri Lanka distance chart below is straight line distance (may be called as flying or air distance) between the two locations in Sri Lanka calculated based on their .

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While there is no restriction for driving in Sri Lanka, Sri Lankan law requires an International Driving License that is under the Geneva Convention of Motor Traffic of or the Vienna Convention of Motor Traffic of issued by the Automobile Association (AA) or the Motor Vehicle Licensing Authority of each country.

Traffic in Sri Lanka is congested. Narrow two-lane highways, overloaded trucks, poorly driven buses and a variety of vehicles on the road, ranging from ox carts and bicycles to new four-wheel-drive vehicles, make driving dangerous. Road Conditions in Sri Lanka Erratic driving is common and as a road accidents are politedriving.com: Phil Sylvester.

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In Sri Lanka, drivers may reach a speed of up to 70 kilometers per hour or about 43 miles per hour on open roads. The urban speed limit in Sri Lanka, however, is 50 kilometers per hour, which is about 31 miles per hour. Motorways or highways in Sri Lanka allow a maximum speed of kilometers per hour or about 62 miles per hour.

How hard it is to self-drive in Sri Lanka? Our experience driving in Sri Lanka

When we were planning our trip to Sri Lanka as part of our day itinerary for South Asia , we were not sure, whether to hire a self-drive car or hire a car with a driver. As we were on a budget, we decided to go for self drive in Sri Lanka. We found a lot of positive and negative reviews about driving in Sri Lanka and the negative ones made us a bit uneasy. However, as it turned out, driving in Sri Lanka is not bad at all!

Where to rent a self-drive car in Sri Lanka? There are plenty of options for car rentals in Sri Lanka, however, you need to be aware of the fact that you need an additional driving licence just for Sri Lanka. We were very happy with Sixt — we reached out to them for the licence 1 week before the trip and they were able to sort everything out.

They often drive on the other side of the road while overtaking many roads in Sri Lanka are just 2-lanes , so make sure to drive slowly in Sri Lanka, so you always have a chance to slow down or even stop. There is, however, a paid highway to Matara from Negombo airport next to Colombo and that highway is amazing. Driving from Kandy to Colombo is not bad at all, however, it passes through a lot of different small and not-so-small cities and that just slows down all the driving.

As I mentioned before, from Colombo to Mirissa and Matara, there is an amazing paid highway, which is as easy to drive on as any highway in Europe. You might also like our other posts:.

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