Driving In The Dark

Driving In The Dark

How To Improve Your Vision When Driving In The Dark

Dim the Interior Lights. drivers realize their night vision is impaired when the overhead dome light is left on. But if the dashboard displays are too bright, this can also limit a driver’s forward vision in the dark. vehicles come with a dash dimmer switch. Make sure to locate yours and keep the dash at a low glow when driving at Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins.

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How to improve your vision when driving in the dark

We explain some ways to improve your night-time vision. For millions of motorists, this is likely to mean a return to driving home from work in the dark. Problems include things that look blurred, night-time glare from artificial lighting and being dazzled by oncoming vehicles. Government data shows that around collisions every year are caused by glare from headlights.

For this reason, learner drivers are likely to be taught how to drive in the dark , under plans announced by transport minister Baroness Vere. So one driving in adverse conditions, one driving after dark , one at high speed [and] one of distracted driving. They reduce by 11 percent when the clocks go forward. Removing distractions caused by glare from streetlights, traffic lights and headlights from other cars could help to keep drivers safer on UK roads.

Low light levels cause the pupil of the eye to become larger and this can accentuate any focusing errors. Keep your distance. Use anti-glare lenses. A specially developed lens coating can reduce glare and reflection by up to 90 percent.

Keep the windscreen smear-free. Make sure the windscreen and other windows are kept clean, and ensure the washer fluid is always topped up. Regularly check and adjust the mirrors. Consider a car with an auto-dimming rear-view mirror. Be visible. Make sure your headlights are working. Dip your headlights when approaching oncoming traffic. Slow down or stop. If your vision is causing concern, pull over in a safe place an take the necessary steps to improve your night-time vision. Related Topics.

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