Driving Instructor Car

Driving Instructor Car

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$ Qty: Add to Cart INSTRUCTOR DUAL CONTROL BRAKING SYSTEM – Item #86 Provides positive braking and ease of operation by the driving instructor. The use of aircraft grade cable and fittings insures safety. The Dual Brake Set installs completely within the passenger compartment, even in vehicles with limited space under the dash.

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We are a driver education supply company exclusively dedicated to providing in-car driving school resources. Our company was founded on the development, manufacturing, and marketing of a Cable type Instructor’s Brake Kit named the Twin Stop, TS.

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Life of vehicle Should you buy a new or used driving school vehicle? If you are a new driving school owner just starting out, I would recommend purchasing a safe, good quality used car. This worked initially and saved me thousands of dollars. If your driving school is growing rapidly or you plan to grow soon, I recommend that you buy new vehicles for your fleet.

Buying new is easier and requires less time for growing schools. The best advice I can offer is to find a reputable dealer that can offer perks like extended warranties or discounts. The key to success is to develop a long-standing relationship with a quality car dealer in your community. How long should you keep your driving school vehicle? When determining how long to keep your driving school vehicle, the 1 priority is safety. In fact, safety is paramount. You never want to push the car to run longer than it should.

By doing so, you are risking the safety of your students and opening your driving school to potential liability. If in doubt, pull it out! The second priority is appearance. You want your community to see clean, sharp-looking cars on the road. From my own experience, I can keep good-looking, properly maintained cars on the road.

I fully expect to get ,, miles out of them because we maintained regular maintenance schedules. I have even teamed up with a local car wash. For mentions in blog posts, I received a stash of free car wash coupons for my fleet. If I can do this, you can too. So, when is it time to sell your driving school vehicle? Out with the old and in with the new. What equipment do you need in your driving school vehicle?

Extra brake and accelerator pedals are also necessities because safety should always be your top priority and 1 concern. We used DualBrake. This driver education supply company has always been reliable and offers competitive prices. What should you put on the exterior of your driving school vehicle? Magnets are temporary and cheap looking.

Car toppers shout pizza delivery. Think about it for a second. Your car is a moving billboard that travels through every corner of your community. Get Your Demo Today! Where are the logo and brand image? They should be prominent, visible and easily recognized. About four years ago, we started creating our brand image by selecting specific PMS colors, fonts, etc.

This image was integrated into our website, in all of our online and print communications AND on all of our cars. I found a great printing company that developed a fantastic wrap for our driving school vehicles. And guess what? They worked for us and they will work for you too. The wraps include our logo, phone number and website address. Not too much, not too little. Just right! How do I know that they work? Because our cars generated calls and website visits.

They are your best chance to put your best foot forward in your community, so be sure to spend a bit extra on high quality wraps. In review: Driving school vehicles So, there you have it. Below are my tips when it comes to driving school vehicles. Replace beforehand to limit liability. Install a 2nd rear view mirror, plus an extra brake and accelerator Wrap all of your driving school vehicles. Be sure to include your logo, phone number and web address Share This Post.

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