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Driving Lanes

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At DrivingLanes, we have taught the art of driving to more tFreeway lanes are generally organized by speed. The furthest lane to the left should be occupied by the fastest moving traffic, while the furthest lane to the right should be occupied by the slowest. Choose the right-hand lane if: You are traveling at a 5/5(4).

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Travel lanes are striped to define the intended path of travel for vehicles along a corridor. Historically, wider travel lanes (11–13 feet) have been favored to create a more forgiving buffer to drivers, especially in high-speed environments where narrow lanes may feel uncomfortable or increase potential for side-swipe politedriving.comted Reading Time: 4 mins.

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New tolls, wider lanes aimed at easing I-64 traffic in Hampton Roads

VDOT is trying to cut down on traffic jams along the busy stretch of interstate. Then the traffic gets backed up going toward Hampton. Communications Specialist Nina Ullrich said. The three existing driving lanes will remain. Two bridges will also be widened. According to VDOT, construction will start in the fall of and should be completed in the late winter of Copyright Scripps Media, Inc.

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