Driving Lessons 2006

Driving Lessons 2006

Driving Lessons (2006)

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Driving Lessons () 1 h PG A funny and touching story about a shy boy who tries to escape the influence of his domineering mother. His world changes when he starts working for a retired actress who introduces him to the ways of an unconventional life. Directors Jeremy Brock Starring Genre: Comedy.

Driving Lessons. , Comedy/Drama, 1h 38m. 75 Reviews ,+ Ratings. What to know. critics consensus. Though it has charm, Driving Lessons is a 48%.

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Driving Lessons. Watch the full movie online. 71% 48%. 98 min PG Drama, Comedy Feature Film. Link your DIRECTV account to Movies Anywhere to enjoy your digital collection in one place. Details below. Read Less. 71% 48%. .

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Jim Norton as Mr. Fincham This is the fourth time that Julie Walters and Rupert Grint have worked together on a film; the first three times were in the Harry Potter film franchise where Grint played Ron Weasley and Walters his mother Molly. Although the film is not intended to be autobiographical, he was inspired to write it by his teen experience working one summer for Peggy Ashcroft. It took six weeks to film the movie in the summer of and according to director Jeremy Brock the budget of the film was so small that it would not be enough for the catering in Harry Potter.

It later moved on to other big cities in the United States throughout the rest of the year. The film also premiered in Italy and Thailand in December The critical consensus states that "Though it has charm, Driving Lessons is a middling offering in the genre where the youngster coming of age meets a quirky senior who teaches valuable lessons about life.

Driving Lessons belongs to the silly feel-good mode of The Full Monty , Calendar Girls , Billy Elliot , Kinky Boots and dozens of other celebrations of Britons defying convention to become ‘free,’ whatever that means. Since any connections between Driving Lessons and the real world are tangential at best, it’s a faux liberation: the easiest kind. Their spirited performances help cover up glaring holes in the plot.

Whenever Driving Lessons threatens to get off course, Walters. She doesn’t so much steal the movie as borrow it for extended periods and return it with the motor purring. Forewarned, you may find it sweet enough to fill an empty afternoon. Driving Lessons follows the well-worn path laid down by other, better movies while making strained, ludicrous things happen toward the end. The fanatic gleam in Linney’s eyes as she oh-so-sweetly lays down the law is matched only by the spectacle of her shuddering attempts to control her fury when thwarted.

Walters chews up scenery in grand manner, nicely teetering between drunken helplessness and zesty hedonism. Grint, maintaining puppy-dog altruism, holds his own in the matriarchal maelstrom, redheadedly adorable to the end. It doesn’t quite develop its own identity. And it’s somehow inevitable that Dame Evie’s hilarious swearing and opinionating fade away as sentimentality takes over. But it’s a great turn from Julie Walters, and a likable film.

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