Driving Me Crazy

Driving Me Crazy

Driving Me Crazy!: Tree Roots Make For A Bumpy Ride On Baker Road In Houston County

Driving Me Crazy Photos View All Photos (8) Movie Info. Gunther (Thomas Gottschalk) works for years to devise a way to escape East Berlin, finally building a Reviews: 1.

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Driving Simulator Toy

Driving Me Crazy

And that improves the operation of the highway itself. Load Error There are about of these ramp meters across the Portland metro area that regulate the flow of vehicles onto the freeway to help delay the inevitable daily traffic jam at rush hour.

Computers crunch the numbers, performing thousands of calculations a second to help inform the various meters when to turn on, and at what intervals to allow vehicles onto the highway. A graphic below from the Federal Highway Administration shows typical placement of a ramp meter, and the measuring sensors on the freeway. In Portland and Seattle, the use of ramp meters has shown positive impacts on travel times and reduced accidents.

It has not yet been activated. I do the Driving Me Crazy feature as a generally — but not always — lighthearted take on things that drive people nuts on area roadways. What drives you crazy? Post your videos and pictures on my Facebook page. On Twitter. Or if you’re just anti-social you can email me cmcginness kgw.

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