Driving Me Nuts Meme

Driving Me Nuts Meme

You Re Driving Me Nuts

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It makes me melt! Do you believe in the kiss and tell? Cause I want you to kiss me and do things to me in your mind and tell me all about it. I just keep thinking of your hands I can’t wait for you to do that thing again that drives me so crazy! I don’t know if this is normal, but my legs get weak when you kiss me.

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Sleeping While Driving

20 Most Hilarious Driving Memes

Share Tweet Email While we technically can pick where we work, we can’t necessarily chose who we work with. Work: it’s a place where we use our skills and education to make ourselves an honest living. While we technically can pick where we work, we can’t necessarily chose who we work with. Some people get lucky and work with people they enjoy being around, and others may wish they never accepted the job after getting to know their colleagues.

It’s not so much how you like who you work with, but who you can put up with instead. Different personalities are attracted to the same job and sometimes, that sets the office environment up for destruction. But, in order to keep ourselves fed and with a place to sleep at, we need to suck it up and deal with the madness.

While we’ve all trained ourselves to drown out annoying things our co-workers do or say, sometimes, we just aren’t that lucky. If you’ve ever worked in a public place, the next 18 memes should hit home and make realize you aren’t the only unlucky soul. They think they know it all and have seen it all and their opinion means just as much as, well, the actual manager’s. They like to show off this "skill" when the actual manager isn’t around and will gladly take on the role of manager like it’s their duty to do so.

For co-workers who are new and haven’t gotten the "office talk" yet, they go along with it and do what they are told. On the other hand, for those co-workers that know better, they smile and walk away with some choice words floating around in their heads. It might be an ego trip or it might be something else, but this certain co-worker cannot be swayed from their opinion that when the actual boss is away, we all have to obey. When an issue arises in the workplace, the right thing to do would be to talk to the person that you have an issue with, right?

Sometimes, not everyone thinks that way. Sometimes, we will come across a co-worker who feels the need to tell their superiors everything, just to look like they are the ones doing the right thing. But in reality, small issues probably can be taken care of without them interceding. At this point, we’re probably all thinking of a time in our lives when this has happened and we are now synchronously rolling our eyes.

We don’t know why those certain co-workers do it, but there are brown-nosers in every work place and we can’t get away from them. Everyone has different tastes and we get that, but somewhere between bringing certain foods to work and what they are about to unleash on their unsuspecting co-workers, an understanding of what they’re about to do has to pop up in their mind. They have to know what they are about to do, because everyone is aware that heating up food such as vegetables or fish won’t leave the room smelling like roses!

At the same time, they may be fully aware what they are doing and trying to get back at the office for some reason. Either way, leave the offending food at home! There we are, minding our own business, working away and that one co-worker decides to make an appearance. They don’t really have a reason, they just felt the need to pick you that day and ask mundane questions. They see that you are busy and try to, well, work. We understand that people need to be social and want to build relationships with their co-workers, but there’s other ways to go about it.

Maybe let the said co-worker know when you are going to suddenly come out of the woodwork and start rattling on about anything the comes to mind. Some people are Chatty Kathys at work and don’t mind wasting the day with gossip and small talk, but some don’t and actually have work to do. End of rant. The right environment gives employees the mindset to succeed and feel happy at their job.

There are also work settings in which that It could be because it is too noisy; it could be because you could hear a pin drop from several feet away. No matter what the issue is, there’s always a couple of co-workers that somehow don’t hear how disruptive they are being to the world around them. For example, screaming into the phone won’t make you seem important, you are just loud. Clicking your pen might be a stress reliever, but there’s someone cringing in their cubicle at the sound of it.

There are also people that like to give their keyboard a daily beating, which leaves everyone else in the office wondering how they don’t hear how loud they are. Free samples, free giveaways and free food at work. It’s like the company we work for is giving back and saying, "Hey, you are appreciated, here’s some free donuts and refreshments for all of your hard work. But there’s always that one person that never fails to let us all know that the free food isn’t quite what they wanted.

They manage to make it seem like they are the victim and that no one asked them for an opinion on what to order. This person needs to sit back down in their cubicle and put a sock in it. Via: memegenerator. There are also days when we leave for the day and we realize we did nothing productive. Sometimes, work is just like that and we have to take each day one at a time. There are also people we work with who we know we can trust and depend on because of their strong work ethic.

They are always busy or looking for the next project to remain that way, and we have to admire people like that. But for every hard-working employee comes one that has the work ethic of a wet rock. But when they are in the position to have no choice but to work, we all know we will hear about it. Also me: such a stupid question Via: memeaddicts. It started in school when that one kid in the class always had to ask a question that either was already answered or is so obvious that we all rolled our eyes and sighed.

But the teachers all made sure to let everyone know that there are no stupid questions and that was that. Now that we are older, we thought that with maturity and education also comes with common sense But we thought wrong. We don’t quite understand what goes through their heads and we probably never will.

But the one thing we do know is when they start saying, "OK, this is a dumb question, but Via: galleryhip. Meetings can also be time-consuming or awkward and that can make for a stressful and emotionally draining day. So even though we may be dozing off or doodling throughout the entire meeting, we are definitely aware when the meeting is coming to an end. We are thankful and ready to go back to our cubicles to get some privacy But that one person has to save their one question for the end of the meeting, where it will no doubt open a whole new can of topics to discuss.

We don’t say anything and bear it, but the look on our face, like the one above, says it all for us. For those of us that don’t have a fancy Keurig machine at our place of employment, we roll with the old-school coffee pot. In this instance, there is a very good chance that our beloved cup of crappy office coffee won’t be there waiting for us. Because there are always a few co-workers among us that don’t believe in re-filling what’s empty.

Not only are we tired when this happens, but we are grouchy as well. You know the kind we mean; the kind that doesn’t stop all day and only comes from one person: the wannabe office comedian. They are the ones that are constantly cracking jokes at inappropriate times, laughing louder at themselves than they should and overall, they think they are the funniest thing since Kim Kardashian telling the world she doesn’t have butt implants. We tend to laugh along in social situations, because let’s be honest, it would be weird if we didn’t, but we are getting pretty sick of playing along everyday.

We don’t want to hear another blonde joke and we don’t want to hear the constant laughs and jabs all day. We just want some peace and quiet. These kinds of co-workers don’t get the subtle hints and keep yapping on about their cat, Coco’s birthday party last weekend.

It may be half our fault because we ask them how they are but we thought everyone understood that all co-workers want to hear is a half-assed "Good, you? While we may from time to time like to gossip and small talk with co-workers, we don’t need to hear every experience they’ve had in their entire life. For example, bringing your sickness to the cramped office doesn’t show us all that you are committed and determined. It shows that you are annoying and irresponsible and don’t care if the rest of the office gets your illness.

While the rest of us enjoy having personal days off, we’d rather spend them when we want to and how we want to. The co-workers that usually annoy us are actually being, well, normal and we can tolerate their behavior! We start to believe that we maybe were wrong about them and in reality, we feel guilty for being so judgmental and sour. But then, a new day shows its face and before we can even sit in our office chair, they are stomping over all chatty and inquisitive, wondering what you are up to.

They are asking you questions you aren’t prepared for and wondering where certain files are and you haven’t even switched your computer on yet. We often find it exhausting that they can have a smile plastered on their faces day in and day out and we wonder what they do before they make their way into the office. We get it, positivity is infectious and being a joy to work around makes everyone’s lives easier.

But at some point, we wonder if they are actually human or if they are secretly mocking everyone for their pleasure. Happy people are great and we all deserve to be that way, but when the going gets tough, people who are overly happy are suspicious and their joy doesn’t make anything better. Friends who hang out, outside of work and successfully stay clear of bitching about work because they are having too much fun.

People who can make friends with one another at the office are lucky, while the rest of us just plead to make it through the day without punching someone. Friends you meet at work know your work life and personal life and still like you—that’s a success. Now, there are also times when we are cordial towards our co-workers and have a professional relationship with them because it’s the right thing to do.

We think there is an understanding and once we leave the office, we won’t see them until the next day or after the weekend. But, after a few decent conversations, they think it’s a good idea to hang out outside of work and bring up the idea. Gifts are free and it means someone cares enough to buy something for us. But when co-workers start getting crazy and send out messages and emails saying they are going to go in on a certain gift for a certain co-worker, it’s different and a bit annoying.

First off, if we like the person, it makes things a bit easier. But if we don’t, we low-key want to pretend like we never saw the office message and forget all about it. Everyone knows you got the message, but sometimes, five dollars means the difference between a tacky gift for Susan or a Starbucks latte to keep you sane for the day.

Sorry Susan. All of us experience it and really, we can’t really prevent it.

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