Driving Pillow

Driving Pillow

The Best Car Neck Pillows (Review) In 2020

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The Best Car Neck Pillows (Review) in 2020

This ergonomically designed car neck pillow has been specially contoured to mimic the best shape for your neck and shoulders to promote the ideal posture. Easily installed onto any headrest, the height can be adjusted simply by altering the straps, so can be customised to any passenger.

For instance, the typical car headrest, unfortunately, leaves an unnatural space between the neck, shoulders, and head, which can cause discomfort during driving for long periods of time. On top of these issues, the gap also leaves us in danger of serious damage in the event of emergency stops or collisions.

We need to select good quality neck rest that will effectively fill up this gap and offer our spine suitable alignment, giving us a natural driving position. What kind would best suit your car seat? They are all fairly similar to install, but some are larger than others, so you need to consider how much space is available to you. They might have elastic straps that wrap around it or Velcro patches that stick to the headrest.

Perhaps the pillow instead has straps that clip on to the headrest. This means that they will need to be attached to separate seat, and will not work on a bench style seat. Some neck supports, however, do not require any installation at all. U shaped neck pillows are cushions that the user can simply place around their neck and are able to use wherever they please, without having to attach it to anything.

These kinds of travel support pillows are really useful, as they can be taken on a daily commute on the train, bus or even on holiday on an airplane. They are lightweight and will not take up much space in your carry on luggage either. Support Required You also need to think about how much support you need.

These will not support your neck but will force you into a better, healthier posture whilst driving. Consider whether you would prefer a softer pillow for your back and neck or a firm supportive cushion. Structure and Material Another thing that is is crucial when selecting the right travel neck pillow is choosing the right kind of material.

You might want something firm that supports your posture, such a sturdy memory foam. On the contrary, a soft, supple bean option might be the right choice for you. You also must decide how hard and wide you would like travel pillow to be, as it will determine your driving position, and therefore, could potentially affect your driving.

Something else to consider is whether you would like to be able to remove the cover for cleaning. As our necks sweat quite a significant amount, it is a good idea to select a neck pillow that at the very least, is crafted in a wipe clean material. It turns out that only 30 percent of motorists are actually drivings in the correct position, and only 42 percent of those were able to identify how they ought to be sitting in the car.

This can create areas of joint stiffness, muscle tightness, and altered posture. We recommend the following top tips to help keep you become pain-free whilst behind the wheel. Keep the seat as close to the wheel as is comfortable so you can easily reach the wheel with your elbows relaxed. Always adjust the backrest recline so it supports your spine without leaning too far back. Ensure all mirrors are adjusted before you start your journey to avoid excessive twisting.

Build in rest stops for long journeys to get out and stretch your legs every hours. By keeping us in place, it encourages us to keep our eyes on the road and our minds focused fully on the task at hand. The neck pillows on our list are just so snuggly and cosy, your passengers will be tempted to curl up into a deep slumber.

However, there is no need to worry about nodding off, the neck supports are designed to keep your neck in the perfect position for driving, keeping you focused and alert. Maintaining a good posture whilst you are driving in your car is important, particularly when you are on a long trip.

Some commercial drivers may be driving for hours and hours on end with no breaks, and that can take its toll on the neck and back. Car seats are designed in such a way that they leave a large gap between your neck and the head restraint, which over time, can become very tiresome and uncomfortable as your body begins to relax into the chair.

Your entire body sinks into the seat, yet your neck is left without any support, and therefore, can become incredibly achy. This can lead to poor concentration whilst driving which in turn could possibly cause serious accidents on the road. In terms of your health, this could cause long-term issues with your neck and back alignment, potentially creating irreversible damage. Q: How long does the pillow last? As long as you take good care of it, your travel neck pillow should last you a good few many years.

If it is made using a hard-wearing, durable material such a leather, it will pretty much last a lifetime! Travel pillows that have been and foam cores will still last you a while if you look after them but will need to be replaced over time. Q: How does it attach to my car seat? They will either attach using Velcro straps, clips, or elastic straps of some kind. Because travel pillow needs to be attached to their own separate headrests, they will only work on high backed car seats, so, unfortunately, are usually not compatible with bench style seats.

Q: Will it work on a bench seat or a seat without any type of head restraint? If your car has a bench seat, we suggest opting for a U style travel pillow instead. These kinds of travel pillows are simply placed around your neck and do not require any kind of installation at all. Q: How does the car neck pillow prevent whiplash? Using a neck pillow whilst traveling in the car helps to prevent whiplash by absorbing the impact from the collision and filling the gap between your neck and the chair.

The cushion assimilates the force and acceleration that your head goes through during the event, helping to reduce the severity of damage you incur. Studies have shown that slowing down the speed of the head and neck during an accident can reduce the amount of the resulting injuries.

A seriously compact, lightweight design, it can be used pretty much anywhere and provides you with the ultimate support for your neck. The memory foam also helps to distribute body heat, which aids in relieving muscle tension. It also comes with a machine washable cover for your convenience and cleanliness! Stay healthy!

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